Three Tonga chiefs playing with fire

Dear Editor,

Whichever way you look at it, the action by three traditional leaders from Southern Province to have embarked on a nationwide campaign on behalf of the UPND ahead of the August general elections is pretty brazen (“UPND tribal lobby exposed”, Daily Nation, June 10, 2016).

Even though the three chiefs are permitted to do so, the fact that they’ve exercised that right overtly and have resolved that time had come for a person from Southern Province to be a state president, is telling a very different story. So what exactly are their plans?

It is obvious that they are geared to launch an anti-Lungu campaign and the PF administration, despite initially promising to work with the government of the day following their visitation at State House.

As a result, should the governing party become heavy-handed with these chiefs before, during and after the polls?

Should the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs threaten these Tonga chiefs with corruption probes since their political loyalties are compromised?

Should the PF campaign team name the chiefs so that they are put to shame for their seemingly acts of ethnicity?

But this desperate and deliberate politicisation of the institution of chieftaincy by the UPND will have the unintended consequence of considerably eroding some traditional authorities to the point where the three Tonga chiefs will no longer have absolute leverage over their subjects.

This is because during this election campaign time in particular, the UPND-backing Tonga chiefs will come into direct conflict with their subjects over differing political views and affiliations.

Ultimately, this will have the potential to ethnically destabilise

their communities and possibly set them on fire.


Mubanga Luchembe,


Raise of chiefs salaries by Govt commendable

Dear Editor

I write to commend the Government for finally implementing the much awaited increment in the monthly salaries for Chiefs.

Chiefs indeed need to be taken care of for they command a lot of following and therefore, responsibility from the general citizenry in Zambia.

This is surely the best gift for the Chiefs when the economy is wobbling globally.

I also implore the Chiefs to put these monies to good use to alleviate and meet the much needed daily chiefdom challenges, among others.

Government has increased the chiefs’ salaries to the maximum of K15, 000.00 per month for Paramount Chiefs and K12,500.00 for senior chiefs etc, from as low as K4,000.00 per month as announced by the permanent secretary in their ministry.

Wisdom Muyunda



True, UPND 10-point plan empty

Dear Editor,

Bahati Patriotic Front (PF) aspiring candidate Harry Kalaba’s words that the United Party for National Development (UPND)’s 10 point-plan does not speak to the ideals of the people (Daily Mail, June 11th, 2016) just added some icing/support to what I’ve been saying all along since the launch of the same 10 point-plan.

HH and the UPND are promising a 10-point plan to fix Zambia’s  problems while President Lungu and the PF are promising continuity.

Going through the said 10-point plan, only one thing can be said: “Talk is cheap”.

Talking is just a mere opening of the mouth and bringing out sound (simply put, to say words aloud). We all can talk – maybe even better than HH.

If HH was as honest as a white plain paper, his campaign words would have been, “vote for me and the UPND so that we can continue/finish the already good works President Lungu and the PF government have already started”.

Now because it appears he is blinded by desperation to be in State House, he seems not to see the good works President Lungu and the PF government are doing.

To me, the 10-point plan is just as blind as a bat. I mean, schools, hospitals, universities, roads, bridges, just to mention a few, are already  being built and if that is not fixing Zambia’s economy to be among successful nations, then what fixing of Zambia is HH and the UPND mean if they form government?

Believe you me, if HH and the UPND form government and their 10-point plan works, it will all be because much of what needs to be done has already been started by President Lungu and the PF government making the roads will make it easier for any future Presidents to  further develop the country.

This is why I would rather go for continuity.

Just a thought,

Troy Mukupa