Banker seeks divorce from Chinese wife


By Nation Reporter

A LUSAKA banker has asked court to dissolve his marriage to a Chinese national because there is no respect in their marriage.

According to a petition of dissolution of marriage filed in the Lusaka High Court, Chiphazi Banda who has been on separation with his wife Ciaoyang Chang Banda since April 2014, wants the court to dissolve the marriage because his wife behaves in a way that he could not reasonably be expected to live with her.

Mr Banda submitted that the two could not agree on anything expected of a husband and wife and this had affected him emotionally and mentally.

He added that there was no more love between them and that the said marriage had broken down irretrievably.

Mr Banda submitted that both have consented for divorce to be granted and prays that divorce be granted and that there should be no order for settlement of a matrimonial property.

He also prays for costs to be in the cause. They have no children.

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One Response to “Banker seeks divorce from Chinese wife”

  1. kalampa says:

    Mulomo obe washafye aba bemba bambuya bobe wayakolomonamo kachoncholi,kekatishe you are even lucky you never had any chil;d with her..


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