HH allegedly angry with Tongas


NG’ANDE Mwananjiti has denied being a relative of a man from Chirundu whose voice is purported to be in a recording in which Hakainde Hichilema is denouncing the people of Southern Province for making it difficult for a Tonga to ascend to the country’s presidency.

It was unfair, he said, that social media was accusing him of masterminding the release of the recording which was meant to decampaign the UPND leader.

The conversation which has gone viral is a recording between Mr. Hichilema and a caller from Southern Province who was complaining against the nomination of Mr. Douglas Siakalima who he accused of being a non-performer.

Mr Mwananjiti said that if the voice in the recording was that of Mr Hichilema, then the UPND leader was exhibiting dictatorial traits by declaring that all powers would be reposed into the presidency and not any other institution of governance should Zambians vote for the UPND.

According to recording that has gone viral, Mr Hichilema has allegedly complained against the Tonga speaking people of Southern Province for being unintelligent and politically inept who have made it difficult for anyone from the region to ascend to the presidency of the country.

Mr Hichilema, the recoding suggests has told the people of Southern Province not to worry about the calibre of parliamentary candidates that have been nominated by the party but focus on voting for the president because that is the supreme and epitome for forming Government.

Mr. Hichilema according to the recording heard threatening the Chirundu resident he was speaking to, for complaining about the adoption of Douglas Siakalima.

Mr Mwananjiti denied that man who had a conversation with Mr Hichilema in the audio was his cousin and described the recording as a cheap political stint aimed at defaming his political standing.

Mr Mwananjiti said Zambia was made up of 10 political jurisdictions to ensure that whoever


would be elected president of the country enjoyed the support of all the regions and prevent him from being pushed at the wish and caprices of one region.

Mr Mwananjiti said as a strong believer and advocate of democracy, he would oppose any attempts by any leader to advocate that all powers be reposed in a single individual as Mr Hichilema was alleged to have said because that would certainly compromise governance.

The people in the region, the recording states, had always spent time fighting over non-issues such as the adoption process.

He explains that the Patriotic Front (PF) was able to defeat the MMD and formed government because its membership had only concentrated on Michael Sata for president and did not mind who had been adopted as MP or councillor.  “We Tongas are a problem because we are foolish. We keep on fighting on non-issues and that is why we have been unable to win the presidency in this country. Why would you be fighting the MP and do they share their gratuity with you. You should focus on the presidency and if I became the president, I would be the one to influence the reduction of fertilizer prices.

I would be the one to bring schools and hospitals and not the MP. The PF won the general elections in 2011 because its membership concentrated on selling Michael Sata,” Mr Hichilema purportedly said.

Mr Mwananjiti said the rule of law recognised the fact there shall be institutions of good governance and that each one of them should operate independently as opposed to what Mr Hichilema was purported to be insinuating in the audio. “Zambia reverted to multiparty democracy because they were fed up with the one party state.  Anything that will suggest that power should be reposed in one central individual as is being suggested by Mr Hichilema is preaching about the destruction of democracy,” Mr Mwananjiti said

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