Interpreting ‘sonta apo wabomba’ political campaign slogan: Part 2


And because PF government has already demonstrated such an approach to political leadership, they have decided to use Sonta apo wabomba slogan before the August 11, 2016 presidential and general elections as an inspiration to others that, politically, like Ms Nawakwi did, one shouldnt wait until one is a ward councellor, member of Parliament(MP) or a republican president to contribute to improving the lives of the masses in any way possible.

But because most of citizens, serving politicians and opposition parties; including successive governments have been unaware of what to do to market themselves politically in future, they feel that the current PF political campaign slogan is unfair; and meant to disadvantage political opponents.

Therefore, those who argue that such political campaign slogan is the most foolish one they have ever come across should reflect on their background and reasons for saying so; or else it might be those who haven’t facilitated any community development projects in their personal or political life who might be described so.

Surprisingly, some citizens in Zambia, for whatever reasons, only see the negative developments such as high interest rates, inflation, high unemployment and poverty levels in our country. They also only see high cost of living and increased national debt. As a result, such people don’t see anything good happening in this country. But patriotic and realistic Zambians see many good things and opportunities taking place now in Zambia.

No one is saying PF government under President Lungu has transformed Zambia into Paradise: a land of abundance. What one is saying is that, at least, we have now started moving towards the desired socio-economic status for many citizens. And such a status can be achieved first through massive infrastructure development projects throughout the country.

And because such development projects come as a result of political will to implement them, PF proudly uses ‘Sonta apo wabomba’ to demonstrate that they are taking Zambia to ‘a Promised Land’.

In this light, every patriotic and concerned citizen on sustainable socio-economic national development process should support such a political slogan because it’s very informative and educative both to private citizens and to serving politicians and successful government in four main ways.

Firstly, it creates awareness that, in life, it’s better to invest in social capital. To do this, one needs to sacrifice personal resources and benefits for others through facilitating small or big community projects in some parts of the country. One can do it bit-by-bit depending on available resources.

Secondly, it reminds each serving politician and opposition parties that when in office, help some communities with physical projects which respective communities can appreciate; and which you can refer to when you are seeking another term of office or when you want to contest for being a ruling party respectively.

Thirdly, for successive serving governments, this rings good bells to them that when in power, don’t just eat and enjoy government contracts for personal business interests.

In a long-run, it’s highly beneficial to sacrifice personal benefits through investing in socio-economic infrastructure and other services in communities so that you have things to point at when you campaign for another term.

Fourthly, such a political slogan helps voters to reflect wisely before electing political candidates during elections. Before voters make their choice on who to vote for, they will first scrutinize one’s social, economic and political CV. What has this political candidate done to prove that he or she has the heart for other people? Because of many false promises politicians make, merely pledging what you will do when elected in political office doesn’t attract any votes nowadays.

Some people argue that credit should go to those who planned such development projects; and not to PF government. It’s one thing to plan a project. It’s another thing to start implementing a project. But it also takes political will to complete a project someone planned or started. Therefore, although credit goes to all such successful leaders, more credit should be given to the one who has finalized the implementation of that project for the benefit of respective communities.

Thus, some people; especially those in opposition parties have narrowly and shallowly interpreted not only the slogan of ‘Sonta apo wabomba’ but they have also done so on the concept of ‘more money in your pockets’.

From improved road network in almost all towns and cities, majority Zambians now are involved in various economic ventures which, contrary to what some opposition leaders say, have tremendously improved their living standards even under the current negative effects of climate changes and low copper prices on the world market!

In this light, the political campaign slogan ‘Sonta apo wabomba’ is one of the best political slogans which will make each citizen, serving politician, opposition parties and ruling parties work hard for the benefit of the masses for them to aspire for or sustain their political office or continue presiding on the public affairs; instead of being in politics of personal benefits or for one’s business’ interests as one of the current opposition leaders said when he was a government minister.

While in the August 11, 2016 presidential and general elections the slogan might be perceived unfair and disadvantaging to some political opponents, it’s the truth. And it entices many citizens, politicians, political parties and successive governments to work hard; and in the process, contribute to making Zambia a better place to live in.

In short, such a political campaign slogan reminds citizens; especially during political campaigns to reflect on which political candidate is standing for personal benefits and which one is standing for serving the masses?

No one is saying PF government under President Lungu’s leadership has transformed Zambia into Paradise: a land of abundance.

But what one is saying is that, comparing to successive governments, PF government has done massive infrastructure development within a short time which is a strong foundation for sustainable nation socio-economic development processes. Because of this, PF government has decided to use ‘Sonta apo wabomba’ as their political campaign slogan for August 11, 2016 polls.

Therefore, do something for the benefit of the masses now for you to use a similar political campaign slogan in future.

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