Police flex muscle on political violence


By Nation Reporter

POLICE will deal with all architects of political violence ahead of the August 11 general elections irrespective of their political affiliation, police acting spokesperson Rae Hamoonga has said.

He was reacting to a challenge by  Non-Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council (NGOCC) chairperson Sara Longwe that law enforcers must walk the talk.

Ms. Longwe charged that although the country had witnessed pockets of political violence ahead of the August 11 elections, few culprits were brought to book with the  majority of those arrested being from opposition parties while those from the ruling party were shielded. She accused the police of favouring PF cadres whenever they were involved in political violence.

“We have noticed some bias on the way the police are dealing with the issue of political violence, which is not fair and correct.

“Let the police work professionally, independently and not shield any law breaker; we need peace and oneness in this country. Every perpetrator of violence whether from PF or whatever political must be arrested,” Ms. Longwe said. But Mr. Hamoonga told the Daily Nation in an interview that as a service, police were ready to foil, curb and arrest all perpetrators of political violence.

“We will deal with any perpetrator be it ruling party or those in the opposition; as police we have always been independent.

“People need to be reminded that free, fair and violence-free elections are possible in the country if only people respect each other and adhere to all laws and rules governing the electoral process,” Mr. Hamoonga said.

He reiterated that this time around police would not relent towards curbing violence during and after elections.

“We shall be fair like always and I think we have done enough as far as this issue is concerned. We have warned political parties to desist from political violence, but for now we will not do that. What we will do now is to arrest anyone found wanting,” Mr. Hamoonga said.

2 thoughts on “Police flex muscle on political violence

  1. I doubt this young officer’s statement on curbing political violence by especially PF cadres. The cadres have no regard for law and they do as deem fit. What have the police done on those cadres who were shooting at each others vehicles around Northmead area. Zee. Ray Hamoonga know deep down his heart that it is extremely impossible to tame PF cadres as they are determined to ensure that the PF retains power at all costs. Any way who can blame them? The PF cares are shielded because the top leadership have adopted do as I say and what I do system.

  2. When 2 people fight and one is beaten it does not mean the looser was not part of the fight.The reason you get to know that a fight occurred is because the beaten one goes to seek treatment but that exonerates none of the two for being involved in violence. So Sara Longwe learn to be objective don’t just blame those you dislike.

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