Teachers ‘reject’ new school syllabus books


By Nation Reporter

TEACHERS from various schools have allegedly rejected some books that were distributed in schools as most of them were said to be unsuitable for the Zambian syllabus.

Some teachers have claimed that the new learning materials distributed to Zambian schools by the Ministry of General Education under the new syllabus had wrong interpretation of outcomes.

The concerns were raised among the District Education Secretary Board (DEBS), donors, teachers unions and the Ministry of General Education officials.

The teachers, who sought anonymity, said that children were the ones affected by the wrong decisions of the Curriculum Development Centre because they were the end users of the unsuitable learning materials.

The teachers alleged that the textbooks that were distributed by some of the foreign companies proved to be irrelevant as the materials did not march with the syllabuses because some concepts could not be understood by learners.

They said some of the books had since been heaped in offices of some districts, and have since called for verifications of the books.

And some local publishers said their concerns in the manner the whole process was done by the Ministry of Education were justified, and it was for that reason they were against the ministry’s method of purchasing teaching and learning materials for schools.

The local publishers insisted that the decentralized textbook procurement system was the only way that could work to the advantage of schools as it strengthened the purchase and supply of textbooks to all public learning institutions.

But General Education spokesperson Hillary Chipango said the ministry was not aware of such developments.

“I am not aware of any books that have been rejected and heaped in some offices in the districts, and if this is the case we will make some consultations,” he said.