UPND, Post roasted


The desperate conduct shown by the opposition UPND and their partner the Post Newspaper is worrying. Surely, can anyone tell a lie that the Republican President Edgar Lungu is ill and has been flown out of the country without verifying the alleged sickness?  I wish to state that this party UPND cannot be trusted in what it says. I am extremely disappointed.

Peter Lungu


Chat Breweries explosion  should have been avoided if…


Allow me to comment on that industrial accident in Luanshya at Chat Breweries plant. As much as accidents occur such should be avoided. Failure to secure high pressure vessels like cookers and boilers is the cause. Special attention should be paid to pressure gauges and safety or relief valves to prevent such fatalities. And that’s very simple mechanical cost as compared to anything else.  Ministry of Labour should wake up from its slumber and push its inspectors to work. That pressure vessel that exploded should by law been certified by experts in the ministry.  Government should now establish when pressure testing was done and who by?


Steamtec Director



Lusaka bus stations  congested


I would like to appeal to the relevant authorities in the transport sector to look at ways on how to end ‘human congestion’ at bus stations like Lumumba, City Market and Kulima Tower.  Anyone who has boarded a bus from any of these bus stations would agree with me that they are immensely congested especially from 17:00 hours and beyond. I find these long queues extremely inconveniencing. You are tired from work and you have to join long queues to board a bus. I therefore appeal to concerned authorities to seriously look into the issue.

Michael K




LCC should demolish this

abandoned structure


Allow me to comment on that tall building located at the junction of Freedom Way and Katondo Street of Lusaka. If I may ask, who are the owners of that ugly building which is posing a serous security and health hazards to the people? That building has been in that incomplete state for many years if not even more than 10 years and yet Lusaka City Council seems not to be responding to various calls regarding the same building. They are only quick to demolish poor people’s houses leaving  such a dangerous building in town. This structure ought to be pulled down before it collapses on people.

Concerned Citizen


Daily Nation editorial

spot on


I wish to refer to the editorial comment of the Daily Nation of Sunday (June 12) which argued that child marriage is just like human trafficking or a form of modern slavery. I totally agree with the concerns raised in the editorial comment. Let Government under the responsible ministry devise deliberate measures to end this modern slavery among our girls particularly in rural areas.  These girls need to be protected from early marriages.

Concerned parent



ZESCO to blame as well


Now ZESCO tell me: Why is it that most unfortunate accidents involving your organisation are blamed on your clients? Is it because you fear to compensate the victims? I thought before your organisation supplies electricity to an applicant you need to see that the wiring was properly done; if not you do not connect until the client rectifies the mistakes detected. The LWSC always advises new applicants to work on all leakages before they supply water metre. Why not ZESCO?

Chrispin Chanda