Hear Dora Siliya on GBM academic qualifications

I see no need for GBM going ‘full metal jacket’ by calling Dora Siliya ‘chiwelewele’ (New Vision, June 8th, 2016) or Stephen Katuka, the UPND secretary general to get annoyed with her (Daily Nation, June 7th, 2016) for questioning and doubting GBM’s academic qualifications.

I for one think we shouldn’t take lightly the question of GBM’s qualifications by Ms Siliya.

They say the truth hurts. If all is in order with his qualifications, why get upset?

If someone were challenging my qualifications publicly, the best way to prove my innocence and shame the one questioning my qualifications would be to publicly display them for all to see.

Getting upset only makes the person questioning to be in the right.

And for Mr. Katuka to say Ms Dora should just concentrate on finding the solutions to the current power deficit, to me that’s wrong.

As much as we all would want the solution to the current power deficit to be found, we also want to know more of the people we will be voting for come August 11.

Mr. Katuka, sir, you said the PF has been making comments on the choice of HH’s running mate and yet you in the opposition have never questioned the qualifications of President Lungu’s running mate, Vice president Inonge Wina.

Has anyone stopped you from doing that? Isn’t it your job as the opposition to do ‘checks and balances’? This is why I am in support of our leaders to have good academic qualifications to understand issues.

Ms Siliya is right to question GBM’s academic qualifications. I too as a voter would love to know that.

The last time people brought forward their professional/academic qualifications for verification by the Education Council of Zambia (ECZ) over 60 turned out to be fake.

We would not want a leader going through after the August elections with ‘don’t kubeba’ kind of qualifications.

Just a serious thought.

Troy Mukupa.


The running mate is the potential president


I write to implore my fellow voters that the running mate in this year’s 11th August 2016 elections is actually the President in waiting in an event that the President fails to discharge his constitutional functions in the tenure of office.

We should therefore analyse both the Presidential candidates and their running mates to make the required decisions come that day so that we don’t end up with a wrong President in case of the eventualities.

The calibre of the running mate has therefore the capacity to actually woe votes for the Presidential candidate in this year’s elections.

The onus is therefore on us as voters to gauge both and make wise and quality decision as we walk to the voting booth on that material day.

Wisdom Muyunda



Minimum qualification clause for candidates necessary


The amended Constitution which gives way to minimum qualifications for a candidate aspiring for elective office is a very welcome move.

This clause will definitely bring a lot of much thought in-depth debates in our politicians’ meetings unlike the previous scenario where some legislators could not even read and write and therefore could not contribute to debates in chambers or indeed in Parliament but will be fast to demand tea, lunch, dinner and/or allowances whenever they are in attendance.

This will also bring the much needed debates and lobbying for our politicians for their respective wards and constituencies to voice out voters’ concerns.

Concerned citizen.

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