MMD threatens to sue member masqueraders


By Nation Reporter

THE opposition MMD has threatened to sue some individuals impersonating as members of MMD.

MMD chairperson for energy Tobias Kafumukache said the legality of the just ended MMD convention came about after the High Court gave a go- ahead for the party to convene.

Mr Kafumukache said it was against that background that those who were masquerading as the NEC party members must exhibit tenets of the objectives and aims of the party constitution. “It has come to our attention that there are some people who are masquerading as NEC members and quoted in the media as questioning the legality of the just ended convention held in Kabwe,” he said.

He urged such individuals to come to terms with the ‘‘shock’’ they had that showed evidence of their lack of knowledge, and therefore must not mislead innocent members.

Mr Kafumukache said the party constitution was clear that the highest authority in MMD did not lie in the NEC but the convention.

He said the quorum was formed as the majority organs of the party were present except for few office bearers as enshrined in article 16 of the MMD constitution that stated that “the quorum of the convention shall be half of the voting delegates”.

He challenged those who were masquerading to come to the party secretariat if they were genuinely subscribed members of MMD, alleging that it was proof enough that former MMD president Dr Nevers Mumba conceded defeat in that he had not been to the secretariat since the convention on 20-22 of May 2016.

“It is now clear that the ponies of Dr Mumba are the ones who have drowned in their own ignorance and this must serve as lesson to them and their colleagues in the UPND to respect the will of the people,” said Mr Kafumukache.