NGO challenges UPND over ‘we’ll fix it’

By Nation Reporter

THE opposition UPND must stop criticizing the Government anyhow because they have embraced people who were working in the Government before and have failed to do so, says Governance Forum executive director Gershom Musonda.

Mr Musonda wondered how the opposition UPND could fix the economy once in power, when they failed to offer an alternative when the country was going through difficult times economically.

“If at all the opposition UPND is ready enough to rule this country, they could have fix it now to convince the people of Zambia that they are ripe to be in that highest public office, especially that the party has been occupied by people who were in the PF government,’’ he said.

He said it was unfortunate that the opposition party was seeking sympathy with the Zambian people using wrong ways, adding that the people of Zambia wanted tangible development.

“How many people who have come openly to say the party has done this, even in the areas where these leaders are coming from, including those who were graced to work under Government and had run away to the opposition.

‘‘How could they advance and implement their10-point plan to fix Zambia if they have failed to do so even at a time when the country had serious challenges economically,” he said.

Mr Musonda wondered what guarantee the UPND had that they would change everything once in power that they could not do now.

He advised Zambians to be careful with leaders who were good at celebrating failure at the expense of offering alternatives.

One thought on “NGO challenges UPND over ‘we’ll fix it’

  1. HH and UPND team will FIX IT.
    If you own a plot of land and you have not developed it for 20 years, would you pass it on to someone to fix it for you for FREE in a year?
    It is like that. UPND are not governing the nation’s hedge funds and assets. PF is sitting on the government coffers and are busy plundering the money needed for development.
    Under UNIP or even MMD we never had load-shedding. This is a new thing in Zambia. Lack of water and electricity is pure mismanagement of services and funds

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