PF campaign lull worries members


By Nation Reporter

IT is strange that all the Patriotic Front (PF) structures and campaign teams seem to have gone into hibernation and are waiting for President Edgar Lungu to drive the campaigns even after he has formally launched the crusade for the re-election of the ruling party, Mubanga Chileshe has observed.

Mr Chileshe, one of the PF founder members, warned that it would be politically tragic for the PF as a party and its members to lose the August general elections after only five years in power when the ruling party had been in the opposition for 10 years.

He said while the opposition UPND had started their campaigns with a sprint and were spread across the country, the PF had withdrawn and were instead waiting for President Lungu to resume his campaigns so that they could follow him.

He said in an interview yesterday that the PF had been in the opposition for 10 years and it would be unacceptable for the ruling party to be in government for only five years and be kicked out on account of failing to mobilise and sustain itself.

Mr Chileshe said the PF leadership should not be defensive when being told the truth about the political situation on the ground, recalling that former president Rupiah Banda was equally given false confidence that he was winning but ended up losing to late president Michael Sata.

β€˜β€˜It is the wrong way of doing politics in a campaign year to depend on the President. We have observed that all senior PF officials only want to follow President Lungu,” Mr Chileshe said.