East assures Lungu of clean sweep

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has the mandate to preside over national affairs apart from being a leader of the Patriotic Front (PF) and it is irresponsible for the opposition political party leaders to start maligning the Head of State and other unpatriotic Zambians to insinuate that he was avoiding to campaign for the ruling party, Andrew Lubusha has said.

And Mr Lubusha, who is Eastern Province Patriotic Front (PF) chairman, has predicted a clean sweep for President Lungu and the ruling party in the August general elections because no political leader in the country could cultivate the confidence the Head of State had generated among Zambians in the last one and half years in State House.

Mr Lubusha has appealed to the PF general membership to renew the spirit of patriotism that was exhibited between 2010 and 2011 in which the then opposition party members sacrificed their time, resources and self for the PF to defeat the strong MMD at the time.

He said in an interview that President Lungu had national responsibilities and party members should not expect him to abandon his national duties and State functions and only concentrate on the campaigns.

He said President Lungu had the country to run while at the same time ensure that the PF, the party in government, was well-organised and prepared for the coming general elections.

Mr Lubusha said had President Lungu been selfish, he would have elected to ignore his national and State responsibilities to dedicate his entire time to himself and the PF for its re-election in the coming elections.

He said the PF should be working at winning the coming elections with a comfortable margin of more than the constitutional 50+1 percent majority vote as President Lungu had become the easiest presidential candidate to sell owing to his performance in the short period he had been in State House.

“The PF is going to mount the best and issue-based campaign in the coming elections and our detractors should not worry about our strategy of how we are going to roll out our campaigns. They believe they are ahead but we deliberately allowed them to build their false confidence. For us in the PF, President Lungu has the responsibility and mandate to continue presiding over national affairs despite the country going into the elections. He is the Head of State and a leader of the PF and has equal attention to both national affairs and those of the party and our campaigns are in top gear,” Mr Lubusha said.

And Mr Lubusha said President Lungu was assured of a clean sweep in Eastern Province because of the numerous developmental programmes that had been successfully implemented.

Mr Lubusha said the opposition in Eastern Province was almost non-existent and that the ruling party was enjoying massive support from the people.

He stated that people were happy that President Lungu had been the first Head of State to have included a lot of women and youths in decision-making positions and would therefore want him to continue for the next five years.

Mr Lubusha revealed that recently former vice-president Guy Scott and Sylvia Masebo were in Eastern Province and were completely ignored by the people in the region