PF campaigns in Northern and Muchinga provinces

Dear Editor,

PF Kasama aspiring parliamentary candidate Kelvin Sampas unequivocal statement that the PF was not worried or scared by the artificial and stage-managed crowds the UPND organized at its mammoth rally in Kasama because the opposition party has no chance of ever winning an election at any level in Northern Province was welcome (PF unmoved by UPND, Daily Nation, June 13, 2016).

However, it is true that PF has neglected effective counter-propaganda election campaigns against the UPND in Northern and Muchinga provinces for far too long and the prospect of achieving a 100% PF election victory in the forthcoming polls is not guaranteed. But it is never too late.

Indeed recent experience in Zambia militates against a sustainable opposition to the PF.

After late Michael Sata’ era, Miles Sampa, seemingly a rising star in the PF, thought it was time to leave the nest and set up his own United Democratic Front (UDF).

It was welcomed by political bigwigs like Guy Scott as a positive development in the promotion of pluralism in Zambian politics. Today, the UDF is just one of the almost inaudible whimpers in the election campaigns in Northern and Muchinga provinces.

In the aftermath of the fall-out between Guy Scott and Edgar, the UPND-UDF alliance was formed by a handful of Miles Sampa’s loyalists who sought to give PF a run for its money in the August 11 polls.

UDF’s popularity soon fizzled out, itself hemorrhaging into inconsequential defections to the PF that have not done opposition politics any good.

Undeniably, GBM seemed to have readily gone to bed with the UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema as a running mate.

Apart from the fact that they come from divergent sociological backgrounds, GBM and HH do not strike many voters as strategic individuals who would be willing to be in each other’s shadows, or play complementary roles.

HH, feisty, articulate, and some would say power hungry, wants it all. But so does GBM. It is hard to imagine GBM playing second fiddle to HH for long.

But how long can GBM stand on his own against the PF behemoth?

Given the chance by UPND, colourful, articulate and interesting though he is, Miles Sampa’s voice has been lost in the cacophony of Zambia’s rambunctious politics and election campaigns.

So why should PF remain comatose when it comes to election campaigns in Northern and Muchinga provinces?

Mubanga Luchembe,


Bembas much smarter over the HH/GBM marriage

Dear Editor,

Bembas are clever and too smart a people to fall for this HH/GBM marriage.

HH cannot now turn around and tell us that Bembas are an ok people to be loved when he condoned tribal remarks against the very people he wants to give him a deciding vote to Plot 1.

This won’t happen as the Bemba/Nyanja vote is much more powerful than this HH/GBM ploy.

It is not a genuine move as it is premised on pure hatred for Lungu and Inonge Wina.

The only genuine and trusted bearers of Sata’s are Kambwili, Wina, Lungu, Kabimba (Yes, him but unfortunately was dribbled and fired for thinking he would easily get rid of Lungu for the presidency).

Kabimba and Lungu have far more respect and love for Sata than GBM, Miles, Scott and Bashinono and the Post.

Give us a break, the Bemba people won’t be fooled.

Ms Gondwe, Lusaka

Last name of republican presidents of Zambia

Dear Editor

Anyone with email has probably received a chain letter revealing a series of similarities between the assassinations of two U.S. Presidents John F Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln.

The Lincoln-Kennedy myths are really intriguing when you hear them.

But has anyone ever thought about the letter “a” that end with the surnames of the first five Presidents of Zambia?

First was Kenneth Kaunda.

Second was Fredrick Chiluba.

Third was Levy Mwanawasa.

Fourth was Rupiah Banda.

Fifth was Michael Sata.

Notable also is the fact that all the past five Presidents had middle names.

That is Kenneth David Kaunda, Fredrick Jacob Chiluba, Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, Rupiah Bwezani Banda and Michael Chilufya Sata. The current Edgar Chagwa Lungu also has a middle name.

I want us to examine these parallels to see if they hold up. But in doing so, I want us to keep in mind my question; why did this myth end when Edgar Chagwa Lungu stood against most prominently, Nevers Sekwila Mumba and Hakainde Hichilema both whose surnames end with the letter ‘a’? Hakainde Hichilema apparently does not even have a middle name.

It should also be observed that expressions of interest in State House but without success were also made in the past by some prominent men such as Anderson Kambela Mazoka and Godfrey Miyanda, all whose names ended with the letter ‘a’.

For lack of space I don’t want to start discussing other names such as Dr Kaseba, Bob Sichinga and Mulenga Sata who all wanted to challenge Edgar Lungu within the PF after the death of President Michael Sata.

In the 11 August 2016 elections, other last names ending with the letter ‘a’, who have expressed interest in the presidency, are Green Party’s Peter Sinkamba, UPP’s Dr Chishimba and Rainbow Party’s Winter Kabimba.

Surnames ending with the letter ‘a’ were abandoned in January 2015 when Edgar Chagwa Lungu was elected President.

But for any reason whether religious or even mystical, can Zambians go back to a name ending with the letter ‘a’?

Yes, there is also another big name in the presidential race, that of Edith Nawakwi, which ends with the letter ‘I’.

But if it is true that Edith Nawakwi has children whose surnames end with the letter ‘a’, then this only implies that the FDD leader should have the letter ‘a’ hidden somewhere at the end of her last name.

From where I stand, the next President after Lungu can only be one whose surname end with the letter ‘u’.

This implies that if the opposition have to come into office, then it will require that a name such as Jack Mwimbu is floated for president. Names like Mwamba, Banda, Muntanga, Mweetwa, Mazoka and Kakoma will surely not work for them.

This further implies that those with names such as mine, which end with an ‘a’, may just have to forget about being president until it is done to the letter ‘u’ as it was done to the letter ‘a’.

But when will that be? Another 50 years?  No one can tell.

Mukuka Chilufya

Chambishi Mine Township

Mpombos political  career  buried

Dear Editor,

The issue of UPND not picking George Mpombo and later him going solo (Daily Nation, June 13th, 2016 and Daily Mail, June 13th, 2016) despite him dissolving his People’s Democratic Party to pledge total allegiance to Hakahinde Hichilema and the UPND, only brings to light how deep his political life span has gone (simply put, six feet under).

What is now happening to Dr. Mpombo is the true meaning of what they mean when they say, “be careful with what you wish for”.

The man thought by doing a ‘Sebana wikute’ technique in dissolving his party then later endorsing HH, he would be favoured to stand on the UPND ticket not knowing that the only technique awaiting him from the UPND was ‘Waloba ilyauma’ kind.

His action of dissolving his party, endorsing HH, then now going solo, reminds me of how an ostrich tends to hide from danger by burying its head in a hole living the whole body in the open. Believe me, it would have been best for Dr. Mpombo not to have stood at all.

His political lifes has been in the intensive care unit for too long and the UPND knew this, hence him not being picked.

As the saying goes, late comers eat bones.  He is chewing on them now.

Just a serious thought

Troy Mukupa.

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