Sata’s name being abused

By Nation Reporter

IT IS a shame that some opposition political leaders who sarcastically condemned late president Michael Sata as a reckless leader who caused a lot of damage to the economy are now using his name and legacy in their campaigns,  Ngande Mwanajiti has charged.

And Mr Mwanajiti, a civil rights and democracy activist, has charged that leaders who do not possess democratic credentials should not be allowed to take up the governance of a democratic country like Zambia because institutions of governance such as the judiciary and police would be abused and compromised.

Mr Mwanajiti said Zambians should be careful with some fork-tongued politicians who verbally abused late president Sata and called him all kinds of names but had now been joined by disgruntled politicians who were once close to the former president and were traversing the country praising the same man they branded as useless and reckless.

He said in an interview with the Daily Nation that politicians who blamed Mr Sata for the poor performance of the economy were now telling Zambians that they would continue from where the late president left.

Mr Mwanajiti advised that such politicians should never be entrusted with power because their only agenda was to ascend to the presidency no matter how immoral their political campaigns were.

He said the Patriotic Front (PF) as the party in Government was able to state what it had accomplished during its first five-year mandate, part of which was started by former president Sata, and it was immoral for a gang of some politicians to eulogise Sata’s legacy to win the support of Zambians.

“The PF is the party in Government and it can point at what it has accomplished in its first five year mandate, part of which was started by late president Sata and carried on by President Edgar Lungu. But we are observing that some shameless politicians who sarcastically condemned late president Sata and called him all kinds of names are now using his name and legacy in their campaigns.

‘‘They branded Mr Sata a reckless and irresponsible leader who had pushed the country’s economy to its knees but they were now criss-crossing the country telling Zambians that they will continue with Mr Sata’s programmes without shame,” Mr Mwanajiti said.

And Mr Mwanajiti said Zambians should frown upon political leaders who did not have respect for intra-party democracy because such leaders given State power could easily become despots. Mr Mwanajiti said Zambians should be asking politicians who had refused to subject themselves to elections in their political parties why they had decided to be part of the presidential race in a democratic election when they did not have democratic credentials.

He said some presidential candidates had proved that they were inherently undemocratic but were loudly claiming that they would govern Zambia by democratic principles which they did not believe in.

Mr Mwanajiti said President Lungu had demonstrated that he was a strong believer in democracy by having subjected himself to intra-party elections.

2 thoughts on “Sata’s name being abused

  1. lunda/luapula

    I don’t blame HH I blame Sata’s relatives. they know that it is morally wrong but they have something bigger in their quest to take over UPND.
    This is what HH is blind to. He is an economist. If he was an historian he would recall what we people from Northern Zambia have done to them in the past.
    Nkumbula – Kaunda
    China Mainza – Kaunda
    Wina/Bowden Nkumbula – Chiluba
    now it will be
    HH – Sampa/Kaseba.
    mark my words

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