Skin bleaching by women condemned

THE continued practice of women bleaching their skin has raised debate among residents of Lusaka who have since called on Government to ban all skin lightening creams.

The debates mainly by men claimed that skin bleaching caused health hazards and that it was important for women to realize that being dark in complexion did not make one ugly.

Ronald Mbewe a resident of Kalingalinga said that most women who bleached their skins used creams that contained harmful chemicals.

Mr Mbewe said that women should realize that people were not judged by the colour of their skin but their deeds.

He said bleached skin caused health problems and it was difficult for people with bleached skins to undergo an operation because their skins were too weak.

Mr. Mbewe said most women who had bleached skin experienced difficulties getting their skin replaced when they were involved in accidents because their skins no longer had melanin to protect them from harm.

It was important for Government to intervene in the matter by ensuring that it banned the sale of lightening creams whether they contained harmful chemicals or not.

“Women do not understand that the colour of the skin does not define what a person is and that is why they bleach their skins without thinking of the consequences or the effects their actions may have on their skin,

“We all know that Zambian women are dark in complexion so there is no point in people trying to become light at the point of harming themselves”, he said.

And Gabriel Chanda a resident of Matero said that skin bleaching showed that one lacked confidence in who they really were.

Mr. Chanda said the trend of bleaching has become too common that some women have started seeing it like a normal vice which should be encouraged.

He said it was unfortunate that women want to spent their time bleaching their skins instead of focusing on matters that will help them develop as individuals.

Mr. Chanda said women needed to have high self esteem and realize that skin bleaching could risk their health especially if one was pregnant.

But women justified their actions, stating that most men prefer light-skinned women to dark ones.

The women said that the preferences of the men had forced them into bleaching their skins.

-Millennium Radio 90.5FM