A product of stone-age politics?


President Edgar Lungu is a dictator who is a product of stone-age politics. We Zambians have  lived for 20 years in political pluralism without seeing police officers wearing faded clothes and finished shoes, cadres attacking marketeers and removing political posters for other political parties like this.

Wamundila Libuku, Lukulu District

 The dark world is real


The dark world is real. Satanism is what evil forces have used to take the lives of great leaders prematurely. The devil’s agents may have succeeded in the past but this time let’s show with proof that the Lord who watches over Zambia does not sleep.

Danny street vendor, Kulima tower 

Tricky politics of Solwezi Central


Tribal politics is at its best in Solwezi Central. This constituency is always tricky when it comes to voting because the majority of the people in Solwezi Urban are not Kaondes. I only hope that General Sandy Kayumba has done his homework and will transform the area from an urban shanty into modern town/city. As for young Dawson Kafwaya, I don’t want to comment too much for one reason.


Kafue-Mazabuka road in dilapidated state


Government should look at the Kafue-Mazabuka road because it is in a dilapidated state and its making the ruling party unpopular. They are busy working on komboni roads and forgetting major roads that pump money into the economy. If that road is worked on, PF will get more attention from the Southerners.

Tykun Nox.

Sonta refers to KK and Rupiah Banda


When PF says “Sonta epowambole” they are referring to Dr Kaunda and Rupiah Banda who have been presidents. PF did not do anything when they were in opposition and so I don’t think they refer to HH. So Dr Kaunda and RB should point at what they have done.

Rev B. Msiska.

Kapiri Mposhi.

Tonga singers educate through music


I want to commend musicians from Southern Province for their cooperation and educative messages in their songs. I think musicians should emulate Mpande, Mapick, Real J, Sheku and Noelo. Their music is educative and touches on the realities of life. Keep it up guys and keep on blessing us with Tonga music.

Alubeto Sadiz.

We are definitely heading for a re-run?


Presidential candidates who know even from deep down their hearts should stop wasting taxpayers’ money especially with the 50 + 1 in the amended Constitution. We are definitely going for another election because no one will get more than 50 percent at first attempt and it shall always be so till we amend to something suitable, maybe the American style of two candidates only.

Michael SC.

Brewery accident could have been avoided


Allow me to comment on the accident at Chat Breweries. That accident was caused by neglegency because someone failed to secure high pressure vessels (cookers and boilers). Avoid such facilities without pressure gauges, safety instructions or relief valves. Wake up Ministry of Labour inspectors.

E. Mwenge.



  1. Call a spady a spady who is a dictator between lungu and hh?who is a sat*nist between the two?who has leadership qualities we nid? Its very clear hh is a conman,a dictator,tribal,bostiful,womaniser name it

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