UPND member sues party



By Nation Reporter

UPND Member Aaron Mulope has sued UPND secretary general Steven Katuka, former Chongwe PF Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo, Dr Maureen Mwanawasa and the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) for not adopting him as a candidate for Lusaka Mayor when he emerged winner by polling 223 votes as opposed to the 58 votes by the closest rival.

According to his statement of claim filed in the High Court, Mr Mulope submitted that earlier this year, his party invited applications from its members wishing to be considered for the adoption to contest on various positions on the party ticket.

He further submitted that he became interested to contest for the position of Lusaka Mayor and therefore tendered his application.

Mr Mulope added that the party conducted some interviews where he emerged winner by polling 223 votes as opposed to the 58 votes by the closest rival one Luck Beene.

In his submission, he contended that Dr Mwanawasa was not among the aspiring candidates neither did she apply for the said position.

Mr Mulope said the grassroots recommended him as the duly elected candidate by the structures in accordance with the party’s regulations and was consequently issued with the party sponsorship certificate signed by the secretary general of the party and ECZ chairman.

He added that without any justification, he was advised by Masebo not to proceed to file the nominations on the actual day of the nominations.

Mr Mulope said he had proceeded to the Nakatindi hall where nominations were taking place and found Dr Mwanawasa and Ms Masebo processing Dr Mwanawasa’s nominations and literally blocked him from filing.

Mr Mulope, therefore, contended that Dr Mwanawasa’s nomination was illegal and fraudulently procured and claimed a declaration that he was the lawful candidate for the UPND mayoral elections for the Lusaka City.

He also claimed for an order of injunction compelling Dr Mwanawasa from posing, campaigning and or in any way to be the party’s candidate for Lusaka mayor.

Mr Mulope wants an order directing ECZ to nullify or cancel Dr Mwanawasa’s nomination and consider him as the candidate.

He also wants damages for inconvenience and costs.