Garden police nab 5 armed UPND cadres

By Nation Reporter

GARDEN Police have arrested five UPND cadres and impounded three vehicles found carrying stones and pangas during a political procession in Garden compound whereas Garden Youth Association chairperson, Paul Tembo, was brutally assaulted following his refusal to shout the party slogan.

And President Lungu said that as Commander-in-chief of the armed forces, he would be forced to instruct the police to use a bit more force on perpetrators of political violence if the vice continued.

He said there was no need for one to shed blood because they wanted to become President.

President Lungu was speaking when he addressed a mammoth rally in Nampundwe yesterday.

“It is not right. Why should you take human blood for you to get into State House?” he asked.

The Head of State noted that for anyone to govern successfully, people are needed and wondered how one would govern after killing people who they were supposed to govern.

He instructed law enforcers to act swiftly and curb the violence, stating that if that was not done, the Zambian people might be forced to defend themselves.

President Lungu warned that his members were capable of reacting but the consequences of that could be too ghastly to contemplate.

He however, said for as long as he remained President, he would not allow any Zambian to be beaten and harassed.

“But for as long as I am still President of Zambia, I will not allow violence to continue,” President Lungu said.

The First Lady Esther Lungu called on the people of Nampundwe to give President Lungu a five year term of office in the August 11 general elections.

And the PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri urged the people of Nampundwe not to vote for a political party which had picked a violent man for a running mate.

Former Vice President Enoch Kavindele called on the residents of Nampundwe to vote for President Lungu. Mr Samuel Mukupa said President Lungu had demonstrated that if given a full five year term of office, he would do wonders for the country

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  1. The President is so quick to comment on any thing as long as PF appears be a victim of the pills they themselves prescribed… what does he mean when he says his Cadres are capable of retariation – how? He is definately himself courting violence.

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