GBM ‘forges’ certificate


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THE Zambia Police should investigate how the alleged forged General Certificate of Education from University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate bearing the names of Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has been submitted to the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) but was not presented to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), Jean Kapata has said.

Ms Kapata said it was surprising how Mr Mwamba managed to obtain an advanced diploma from London in such a short period of time and only weeks before nominations for the general elections in August.

Ng’ande Mwanajiti, a civil rights and democracy activist on Wednesday charged that should it be true that the General Certificate of Education presented to the Examinations Council of Zambia belonged to Mr Mwamba who is the UPND presidential running mate, then Zambia would be in a governance crisis if the authorities were not going to redress the matter.

ECZ executive director Charles Chilala when contacted to comment on the General Certificate of Education bearing the name of Mr Mwamba declined to do so, saying he had not seen the document.

A document bearing the results of GCE allegedly for Mr Mwamba was submitted to ECZ and the council subsequently wrote to Zimbabwe School of Examinations Council to authenticate the results.

On May 6th, Mr VT Mguni wrote to the Examinations Council of Zambia declaring that the GCE results bearing the name of Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba were forged and advised the Zambia’s examination body to report the matter to the law enforcement agency.

Yesterday, however, Mr Mwamba denied having ever submitted GCE results to the ECZ, stating that the only document he had submitted to both the Examinations Council of Zambia and the Electoral Commission of Zambia was his Advanced Diploma obtained from the United Kingdom.

Ms Kapata said the police and other investigative wings should immediately start investigations into how Mr Mwamba acquired the GCE qualification and who could have assisted him to write his examination in such a short time before nominations.

“For all I know, you cannot acquire a higher qualification in England without a secondary school certificate and that is why Mr Mwamba should be investigated immediately. My wonder is…what could have motivated Mr Mwamba to submit a GCE certificate to Examinations Council of Zambia which he knew he was not going to present to the Electoral Commission of Zambia for his nomination as a presidential running mate. And who could have assisted Mr Mwamba to write the courses and subjects for his advanced Diploma which he used to file his nomination?” Ms Kapata asked.

Mr Mwanajiti in his revelations on Wednesday said it was the duty of the Examinations Council of Zambia to ensure that it did not admit students with forged certificates and alleged that such people could defeat the end of justice.

Mr Mwanajiti said some presidential running mates had presented higher qualifications from Britain and appealed to the authorities in the United Kingdom to assist Zambia to state the status of the said qualification.

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6 Responses to “GBM ‘forges’ certificate”

  1. Loverofmy country says:

    hard to believe anything this man says. not long ago he was boasting about being rich without proper education.. please open this link so see the full story of when he boasted about his lack of education.
    and now he says he is educated. he is the downwfall of HH.

  2. says:

    Why is it that peoples attention has shifted to one GBM…….? Is it because he is a threat to the ruling part which he was part of…..?

    can someone tell the nation and furnish with detail information than politicking over the mater.

  3. jean karaoke says:

    I have PhD in Gynecology manage from the University of Reading despite not having Cambridge school certificate. I had a Form School Certificate. I the worked for government department of social development for 5 years. My work experience was recognized as experiential training and was admitted at Rea for my undergraduate degree. Subsequently I got my Masters and Ph.D. Degrees.
    It therefore not necessarily true that one has to have a high school certificate to be admitted and eventually have a university degree(s).

    Mrs Kapata etal , in modern times one can attain college or university

  4. jean karaoke says:

    Gynecology Management and I meant to say Form Four (4) certificate

  5. Denkete says:

    Why is GBM giving established organisations shivers?

  6. child of the sky says:

    Chiluba obtained a master’s degree without GCE and bachelor’s. Kapata should go out more


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