Shibuyunji in infrastructure face lift


THE construction of new districts in the country has brought about massive infrastructure development leading to creation of more employment opportunities for the local people, President Edgar Lungu has said.

And President Lungu has assured residents of Shibuyunji district who had been displaced as a result of the construction of the new district infrastructure that they would be compensated starting from next week.

He said the creation of new districts by the PF was a good idea as it had led to construction of more schools, clinics and roads such as the Mongu-Kalabo road, thereby improving the living standards of the Zambian people.

“When we said we were creating new districts, the opposition criticised and laughed at us. But now the people of Zambia everywhere are craving that their constituencies be transformed into districts. This was a very good idea by the PF and you can see through this that we have new infrastructure,” he said.

President Lungu was speaking after inspecting various infrastructural and developmental projects in Shibuyunji district yesterday. The Head of State also revealed that the 40 families of Shibuyunji affected by the construction of infrastructure would be compensated by next week.

President Lungu said it would be inhuman for the Government to relocate people without compensating them. He, however, said compensation could not be done overnight because Government had to assess what could have been lost. “All those that have been affected are going to be compensated. In fact, the plan has advanced. They are obtaining land and the money will be released to them next week. It will be inhuman for us to abandon these people,” said the President.

Meanwhile, PF deputy campaign manager for President Lungu said traditional leaders who were criticising President Lungu over the increment of their subsidies were being unrealistic, challenging them to demonstrate what they were saying by foregoing the increment.

“Chiefs, who are against the increment of their allowances, should simply refuse to be on the list of those chiefs that are going to be getting a higher allowance. It’s as simple as that.

‘‘We know they are always used by the opposition, so let them demonstrate that they believe in what they are saying by foregoing this increment themselves,” he said.

And Fr. Bwalya has slammed the opposition for allegedly getting concerned with the alleged absence by President Lungu from the campaign trail. He said the Head of State was campaigning and that his strategy of was workable.

“We are very surprised that people who should be happy that he’s not campaigning, according to them, are the ones who are complaining. The President is campaigning. The strategy he’s using is workable and we know we are on top of things,” he said.

Fr. Bwalya further refuted claims indicating that President Lungu was unwell, reiterating that the Head of State was in good health.

He said the negative depiction of President Lungu by the Post newspaper was not in good faith and would not bear any fruits, as the Head of State was very fit.