VJ a disgrace to himself


By Nation Reporter

VETERAN politician Vernon Mwaanga should stop acting as a political cadre and instead must maintain his identity as a senior politician who young people should look up to, says the Gallant Youth in Zambia executive director Henry Mulenga.

And Patriotic Front legal department lawyer Tutwa Ngulube said he found a statement made by Dr Mwaanga about the Patriotic Front terrorizing citizens as being immature and irresponsible.

Mr Ngulube said Dr Mwaanga had ‘‘no capacity to tell the truth’’ because he was compromised as he kept on jumping from one political party to the other.

And Mr Mulenga said it was unfortunate that Dr Mwaanga was siding with one political party (UPND) at the expense of being a peace-maker.


Dr Mwaanga was reported as having said President Lungu’s silence on political violence was part of a ‘‘conspiracy’ to cause an atmosphere of terror in Zambia.

But Mr Mulenga said it was not fair for Dr Mwaanga to  condemn President Lungu and should not let his political reputation be abused by failing to read the current political mood in Zambia.

And Mr Ngulube challenged Dr Mwaanga to give evidence and show the public how the PF were terrorizing  citizens, adding that even the police were open and that they were no such reports.

“Such statements by Dr Mwaanga risks putting the nation in a bad shape and this should embarrass him as a senior citizen of this country,” he said. Mr Ngulube wondered why the veteran politician was only condemning the PF when the opposition UPND cadres were going round destroying and smashing cars for innocent citizens.

“Why is he failing to condemn all those acts because,” Mr Ngulube asked.

He cautioned Dr Mwaanga that the PF would not take kindly with such statements should he continue to take sides.

And Mr Mulenga further said the spate of violence that had characterised political parties should not be blamed on the Head of State alone. He said the vice needed to be addressed by all political players.

“Dr Mwaanga must be non-partisan if he wants his identity to continue in the politics of this country because taking sides will make people lose the respect they have for him as a veteran politician especially that he once served in the governance system.

He should not be a double-standard citizen to gain favours from some parties for some unknown reasons, but must stand for mother Zambia,” he said.

Mr Mulenga alleged that the vulgar language by some political leaders was a source of violence which should be condemned by all who mean well for the peace and unity of the nation.

He said curbing violence was every Zambian’s responsibility and it did not need only the Head of State to do because whenever there was confusion everyone was inconvenienced.

“How do you expect peace where some leaders are being abusive and talking ill about the Head of State? This is not fair as some political players are only good at pointing fingers instead of telling the Zambian people what they can do for them if they are given that opportunity to run the affairs of the nation,” he said.

He said time was gone for finger-pointing, adding that the Zambian people wanted ideology for further development of the country.