GBM papers row rages

GEOFFREY Bwalya Mwamba is on record at Parliament having a Form 5 school certificate and two ministers have challenged the Examination Council of Zambia to confirm if that certificate was tendered for scrutiny.

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba and his Local Goverment counterpart, Stephen Kampyongo said Mr Mwamba, popularly known as GBM was on record in MPs parliamentary handbook  as having a Form 5 school certificate.

But the UPND has charged that the document circulating in the media purporting to be Mr  Mwamba’s academic qualification submitted to the ECZ was allegedly forged by the Patriotic Front (PF) government and Jean Kapata should tell Zambians where she got it from.

And Kennedy Kamba, the PF Lusaka youth chairman said it would be in the interest of citizens for investigative wings to immediately commence investigations into how Mr Mwamba could have acquired a higher qualification such as advanced diploma without a secondary school certificate.

He said in an interview yesterday that the PF would want the Examination Council of Zambia to issue a comprehensive statement on whether Mr Mwamba obtained the advanced diploma genuinely.

Mr Kamba said Zambians were wondering which college or university in London had offered Mr Mwamba his diploma because there had never been any deliberate move to disclose the institution where the UPND vice-president could have obtained his diploma.

Yesterday, the Daily Nation published the GCE a result bearing the name of Mr Mwamba which results it was reported were declared as forged by the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council.

“We wish to challenge the Examination Council of Zambia to clearly state whether Mr Mwamba’s diploma which he used to

file his nomination as a presidential running mate in the UPND is genuine. We want


Zambians to know which college or university in London Mr Mwamba attended and for how long he was there.

We have information that the college Mr Mwamba is claiming to have offered him the diploma he used to file his nomination as a running mate does not exist.

It would be fair for the bodies with the mandate to safeguard the credibility of the coming general elections to let Zambians know the truth,” Mr Kamba said.

Mr Kamba said Mr Mwamba should also take it upon himself to disclose the college which he attended in London and for how long he was at school to obtain the kind of qualification he used to be a presidential running mate.

Reacting to yesterday’s lead story in the Daily Nation and the publication of a certificate whose status was declared forged by the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s special assistant for special projects, Edward Mumbi, accused the ruling PF of being behind the forged document.

Mr. Mumbi said the PF government was jittery with the UPND’s growing popularity across the country and were looking for ways of derailing its campaign programme but said it would not succeed. “That certificate that appeared in the Daily Nation today (yesterday) is a document doctored by the PF government because it is not the one we presented to the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) and other examining bodies.

“The document that was presented by Mr. Mwamba to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) was subjected to serious and vigilant scrutiny and so the comment from Ms. Kapata over the matter is unfortunate as she appears not to understand the issue and she should tell the nation where she got that document because we don’t know it,” Mr. Mumbi said.