UPND is paper tiger

THE UPND is popular and very strong on social media but will remain a political paper tiger that would never win any election in Zambia, Harry Kalaba has said.

And Shiwang’andu Patriotic Front (PF) parliamentary candidate Steven Kampyongo has branded the estranged quartet of Guy Scott, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Mulenga Sata and Miles Sampa as political desperados whose departure from the ruling party had caused relief to the general membership and the citizenry at large.

Mr Kalaba who is PF Bahati Constituency parliamentary candidate said the UPND had always been boasting of popularity on social media but that the reality on the ground was that the opposition party was as unpopular and weak as it was at its formation.

He said the PF was not threatened with the imagined popularity of the UPND because the ruling party was basing its strength on the true political demographic tabulations which he said had set the ruling part far ahead in the August presidential contest.

Featuring at a special PF sponsored programme on Radio Phoenix yesterday, Mr Kalaba said from 2008, the UPND had been enjoying its imaginary popularity on social media whose opinion polls had always been a misrepresentation of the actual election results.

According to Mr Kalaba, Edith Nawakwi of the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) presidential candidate was more popular and had a larger following than a combination of Mr Hakainde Hichilema and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba of the UPND.

“The UPND has always been popular and very strong on social media but have remained remote on the ground. If the outcome of our elections were to be determined and influenced by the social media, the UPND would have been winning every political contest in this country. So we do not feel that the UPND is the biggest threat that can unseat the PF. It will remain a paper tiger and we can only advise them


to prepare their tears well because they are losing the August general elections and we shall see some of them quickly losing weight,” Mr Kalaba said.

Mr Kalaba said UPND presidential running mate, Mr Mwamba was only in politics for self-preservation and not with the interest of serving Zambians.

And Mr Kampyongo who also featured on the same Radio Phoenix programme said Mr Mwamba, Dr Scott, Mr Sampa and Mulenga Sata were political mercenaries whose desire was to deliver Zambia into the wrong political grouping.

Mr Kampyongo however said it was heartening that Zambians had realised that a clique of selfish and hungry for State power had regrouped in the UPND and were waiting to teach them a lesson in the coming general elections.

Mr Kampyongo said the only qualification the UPND had was violence but that the PF was not going to be intimidated because it had the support of a larger mass of Zambians.

He said it was pleasing that the UPND was acknowledging that the PF had invested the three Euro bonds into infrastructure development in different economic sectors.

He said the ruling party would have been worried if the UPND was accusing its leadership of misapplying the borrowed money but that Zambia had experienced unprecedented economic infrastructure development such as roads, schools and hospitals because the PF Government was prudent in the management of the country’s affairs.

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  1. PF the winning party come August 11 I can assure you we don’t want someone to come and sell this country as they did on mines and companies.

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