Chiluba must be honoured – Gen Miyanda

…as family, friends remember FJT

By Daily Nation Reporter

FAILURE by successive governments to recognize the second republican president Dr Fredrick Chilubas legacy of democracy, free market economy and declaring the nation as a Christian nation has disappointed former vice president Brigadier Geoffrey Miyanda and Dr Chilubas friends.

Speaking to Sunday Nation yesterday after Dr Chiluba’s fifth anniversary at the  Embassy Memorial Park, Gen Miyanda and Dr Chiluba’s friends observed that Dr Chiluba remained the only former head of State not to have been honored by successive governments.

Gen Miyanda said the Zambia was a Christian nation and a democratic country because of Dr Chiluba.

Gen Miyanda and Dr Chiluba’s wife Regina led family and friends of Zambia’s second republican president Dr Chiluba in paying their respect by laying wreaths at his mausoleum to mark five years of his death at the Embassy Memorial Park opposite Cabinet office.

Other who laid wreaths included his former press aide Mr Richard Sakala, deputy press aide Mr Bevin Ndovi, his personal physician Dr Justine Kabwe, former Access director Mr Fustin Kabwe, nieces and children of Dr Chiluba.

Meanwhile, Mrs Chiluba broke in tears after laying her wreath before Mrs Miyanda’s wife comforted her together with her two daughters Malama and Bwalya.

Gen Miyanda said his family and that of Dr Chiluba had continued enjoying the friendship that had always been in existence even before he served as republican vice president under Dr Chiluba’s administration.

And speaking later Brigadier General Miyanda expressed disappointment that the second republican president has never been honoured despite being the pioneer of multiparty democracy and free market economy.

“I am here with my wife to symbolize the friendship that existed and still exist between my family and late president Chiluba’s family,” he said.

And Mr Ndovi said Dr Chiluba joined politics not because he wanted to enrich himself but because he loved to serve the people.

“Dr Chiluba decided to join politics because he was troubled seeing pregnant women in long queues trying to buy cooking oil,” he said.

Mr Ndovi said when Dr Chiluba was driven by the desire to economically liberate Zambians from the economic hardships which they were going through.

Meanwhile, Mrs Regina Chiluba’s daughter, Malama said it felt like yesterday when her father died.

“Sometimes I feel like my Dad can just walk in from any door in the House but he is not here anymore. I really miss him,” Malama said.

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2 Responses to “Chiluba must be honoured – Gen Miyanda”

  1. wise voter says:

    God has a way of dealing with plunderers. Bena Penza, BY, Bennie Mwiinga…all thieves…… I honestly do not give a hoot about these plunderers that brought misery to our nation. Gen Miyanda you ended up owning Lusaka City Council property on burma road…..kabwata orphanage next to Zesco. Can you please explain to the people of Zambia how you ended up with the property…give us a break you pathetic thief. That is why wise folks like myself never vote as you are all a bunch of thieves.

  2. nshilimubemba says:

    I do agree Chiluba was the father of democracy in zambian politics,he was indeed a lebourator from economic slaverly put into place by Kaunda, who gave everything to Indians and left zambians at their masterwood.
    Now zambians can see what they missed.
    Chiluba left zambians open to do business and prosperity.
    Much more to empwer them with houses, to crown it all Christian nation how great this man was.