Green Party ‘sells’ Marijuana policy


By Nation Reporter

The Green Party says it has started translating into various local languages its message of encouraging people to know the hidden economic and medicinal value of marijuana, especially the people living in remote parts of the country.

Green Party president Peter Sinkamba said there was nothing wrong about the use of marijuana in generating wealth for the people and the country at large because of its high economic worth.

Mr Sinkamba said marijuana could transform the wealth of the nation once it was legalised because growing it on a commercial basis was big business.

He said his party had observed that marijuana in Zambia was mainly grown in rural parts of the country on a small and medium scale by the alleged illegitimate farmers of lack of information on the drug which was currently considered as an illegal drug.

Mr Sinkamba said the process of translating the information on marijuana into the country’s main local languages was progressing well because the people received the move with both hands.

He said it was unfortunate that the people in the country had allegedly been ignorant about the economic benefits of the drug which could change their lives if it was legalised.

Mr Sinkamba said the Green Party would continue to campaign on the foundation of the marijuana because the plant was called the Green Gold which had the capacity of creating thousands and thousands of jobs in different farmlands in the country to the women and the young people.

He said once the Green Party was voted into power, it would not ban the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC).

Mr Sinkamba, however, said the DEC would be transformed into a drug agent that made responsible for the regulation of the growth of the legalised marijuana.

He said the DEC would provide security and it would only be able to handle critical issues relating to cocaine, heroin and other prohibited drugs that had no economic and social value.

Meanwhile, Mr Sinkamba said the campaign trail for the Green Party had reached an advanced stage and was optimistic of scooping the general polls.

Mr Sinkamba said this year’s elections were unique because any political party with the best manifesto would carry the day as there were no amateurs participating in the polls.

He urged the voters to turn up in large numbers on the polling day and vote for the Green party which aimed at changing the way the people looked at marijuana as it was a billion dollar agro business venture.

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