Don’t trust Maureen Mwanawasa-ZRP

MAUREEN Mwanawasa’s decision to contest in this election as Mayor of Lusaka has nothing to do with her desire to serve the people but is purely for individual benefits as her track record of service betrays her, the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) has charged.

ZRP president Wright Musoma alleged that Ms. Mwanawasa was the weakest candidate among those jostling for the Lusaka mayoral seat as she had a record stemming from the way she handled the Maureen Mwanawasa Community Initiative (MMCI).

Mr. Musoma said the people of Lusaka should not be misled that Ms. Mwanawasa had anything to offer them because her decision to join politics was for personal benefit and not serving the people. He said if Dr. Mwanawasa was serious about serving the people, she would have continued with the MMCI even after she ceased to be the first lady because she did not need to be in that position for her to contribute to society.

He challenged Ms. Mwanawasa to tell the electorate where the K 1.2 million which her organisation received from the Zambia National AIDS Network (ZNAN) for HIV/AIDS-related activities was as she failed to account for it and was consequently ordered by the High Court to pay back.

“Electorates deserve the best from the candidates that are participating in this year’s elections at whatever level and they should be asking pertinent questions so that as they go to vote, they are well informed. For Ms. Mwanawasa, it is clear that she has gone into politics to make a fortune for herself. She can’t say she is there to serve the people because she had the best opportunity do to so under the MMCI.

“As far as we are concerned, Dr. Mwanawasa is the weakest among the candidates contesting for the mayoral position for Lusaka because she did not only fail to consolidate the MMCI after her husband died but also misapplied K 1.2 from ZNAN which the High Court ordered her to pay back. So, what message is she giving the electorates with such a bad history under her name?” Mr. Musoma asked.

He said there was need for politicians to carry our personal introspection before they aspire to public offices because Zambians were desperate for development, hence the need for selfless leaders who would meet their aspirations.

Mr Musoma said Lusaka needed a serious-minded mayor who would preside over the issues affecting the city with integrity and urged the electorates not to base their votes on names but the capability of individuals that were contesting.

“If someone who failed to run a personal institution, what gives you a guarantee that person will do better when in public office? If one was involved in financial irregularities with cooperating partners, what gives you a guarantee that the person will not abuse their power to amass wealth while in public office? Let us vote wisely if we are to develop this country and avoid regretting,” he said.