Who was close to late Michael Sata’s debate gets hot


By Sycorax T. Ndhlovu

The way some current and some former Patriotic Front (PF) members are using or abusing former president, late Michael Satas name creates questions on who between the two groups is really mourning late Satas untimely death; and who is now abusing late Satas name and legacy.

One group using late Sata’s name in the their political campaigns for August 11, 2016 elections is still in PF while the other group has migrated from the party late Sata founded, established and developed up to forming government in 2011 to some party somewhere.

Mulenga Sata is a son to the late Sata. Miles Sampa is reported to be a nephew to the late Sata. Guy Scott, the one United Party for National Development (UPND)’s leader, Hakainde Hichilema(HH) described as ‘the most foolish white man’ when the former was republican vice president in PF government also claims to have been close to late Sata. These three perceived closely related and connected people to late Sata, some are now in UPND while some are somewhere else; but supporting HH’s presidential candidature for the forthcoming polls.

No one knows where exactly the late Sata’s widow, Christine Kaseba-Sata is; although she has also been reported to be hiding in UPND’s shadow where she lost the running mate position by a second to Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba(GBM).

But some founding PF members like Mama Inonge Wina, the current republican vice president, Chishimba Kambwili, the information and broadcasting minister and many others have remained in PF even during the most trying moments.

Those who are still in PF argue that they cannot live a party they founded; and which late Sata whole-heartedly loved and built to a level it was when he passed on. Such members argue that they want to sustain late Sata legacy in the party; and with God’s guidance, develop it further to greater heights to facilitate more development projects throughout the country as late Sata had started.

But some former PF members have left the party giving various reasons; including that the current PF leadership has deserted the vision of late Sata in PF.

Whatever the case may be, considering the African tradition and practice, late Sata should be turning on both sides in his grave with disgust of what some of the so-called family members and close friends are doing against the party he founded and developed until it formed government in 2011.

As a result, one can easily hear late Sata in his grave shouting and paraphrasing God’s words: ‘Don’t mention my name in vain!’ Similarly, paraphrasing Jesus Christ’s words, late Sata might be saying: ‘It’s not everyone who says Sata, Sata, Sata was really close to me.’(MHSRIP).

One expects late Sata in his grave saying: ‘Some people who claim to have been close to me are like some prophets in the last days. Again, paraphrasing Jesus Christ’s words, the former Head of State, in his grace might be saying: ‘When some people will be campaigning for political elections, many will come to you in my name: Sata, Sata, Sata. We were closer to late Sata than anyone else. Ignore them at all costs!’

And God: The Creator is just nodding His head in agreement with late Sata’s sad observations and feelings on what some members of his family are saying and doing against late Sata’s will.

No one is supposed to judge which group between those still in PF; and those who have formed or joined other parties was close to late Sata; and therefore who were genuine members of PF or not.

But someone asked me: ‘Mr Ndhlovu, between a former spouse whose husband or wife passed on; and is still in the matrimonial home; and that spouse who few months after the spouse’s death, gets married to another man or woman; and is living with the new spouse somewhere, who is really mourning the late wife’s or late husband’s death? Who between the two really loved the late husband’ or late wife?’

But while you and I might avoid being judges on these two groups scrambling for late Sata’s name and legacy, some people have ignored Matthews 7: 1-5 which urges us not to judge others to avoid being judged; and are debating this issue with a view to conclude on who was really close to late Sata and who wasn’t.  ncerned people on this debate have raised a number of questions and points to prove that one of them, according to African tradition, is really wrong; and without shame.

Some people have argued that, because Guy Scot doesn’t follow African traditions per se, he is the one influencing some young ones like Mulenga Sata and Miles Sampa to further probably entice late Sata’s widow, Dr Kaseba-Sata to do it the western cultural way against our Zambian tradition of respecting estates of the departed beloved ones.

As a result, one day, if late Sata was still in his physical state, one would have found that some parts of late Sata’s body are with the other three or four people in UPND while some parts are in PF under the custodian of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Her Honour, Inonge Wina; each group using such parts as political campaign tools for them to win August 11, 2016 presidential and general election.

But to try and prove who is really using late Sata’s name genuinely, some people have used history soon when late Sata felt that his health was failing him. While in the past he could appoint this one and that one in PF to act as republican president, he, in the process, realised that the person who can sustain PF as a party and as a party in government is no other than Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Unfortunately or fortunately, this happened after some people who claim to have been close to late Sata had already, for whatever reasons, differed with the former Head of State; and had resigned as government minister; leaving late Sata managing Zambia’s public affairs through PF.

People have also reflected on how Mulenga Sata, the son to late Sata reportedly swiftly mobilised financial and material resources to print T-shirt and placards reading: ‘Mulenga Sata for president’ even before the plane carrying late Sata’s casket from abroad landed at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. If such reports are true, was Mulenga Sata praying for his father’s death to take over PF and the governance of this country?

Now for such people to claim that they were close to late Sata; and therefore, using the name of late Sata to campaign for a party Sata didn’t go into alliance with; and whose leader called him (late Sata) ‘Chibwi no plan’ is like insulting former Head of State, late Sata.

HH’s description of late Sata as ‘Chimbwi no plan’ has worsened the debates.

It has been argued; especially among the Bemba related speaking people that by Mulenga Sata, Miles Sampa and if Dr Kaseba-Sata has also joined HH in UPND, it implies that late Sata’s son, his nephew and perhaps his widow respectively have confirmed that the Big Man (late Sata) was really ‘chimbwi no plan’; and this is why such people perceived to close to late Sata have migrated to someone who has plans to lead the late Sata’s clueless family and party.

But considering that late Sata was a ‘Man of Action’ whose  personal and political leadership, ideas, innovations, experience and skills benefited many people in this country and elsewhere, such a newly created negative impression against late Sata cannot be tolerated.

Therefore, it has been argued that although in democracy late Sata’s family members were free to join or associate with any other political party, in African tradition, the timing, the reasons for leaving the party(PF) and the party they have joined or the person who they have endorsed(HH) speaks volumes about the relationship and closeness between those who left PF and late Sata.

Consequently, it has been almost been concluded that it’s some of late Sata’s family members who have betrayed and embarrassed late Sata by trying to prove that in HH and in UPND, there is wise leadership than the way Sata was running PF; and glooming leadership in his family and in the party.

Unfortunately, to some other people, the same impression Mulenga Sata and Miles Sampa including GBM have created has been extended to mean as if all Bemba speaking people, where late Sata hails from are also ‘chimbwi no plan’ people.

‘Sure can Mulenga Sata, Miles Sampa and GBM confirm today that late Sata was ‘chimbwi no plan’ by endorsing or joining HH’s UPND when late Sata was a think-tank as far as his personal and political career was concerned? Can it be true that, after the death of Michael Chilufya Sata, all his works can be erased by his own son, nephew and others conforming that he was ‘chimbwi no plan’ through, on flimsy grounds, leaving a party late Sata founded and loved?’

It’s from such a background that, some Bemba speaking related people who didn’t want to be named, are perplexed and angered by what Mulenga Sata, Miles Sampa, GBM and other people from Bembaland who claim that they were close to late Sata have done against late Sata’s will.

Therefore, may God bless those who are genuinely promoting late Sata’s legacy!

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