Jean Kapata in death threats

By Nation Reporter

Armed thugs believed to be  UPND cadres yesterday ambushed Mandevu constituency Patriotic Front (PF) parliamentary candidate Jean Kapata with the intention of physically harming her.

And former PF Kanyama constituency Member of Parliament Gerry Chanda has received death threats from unknown people and has since reported them to the police.

Ms Kapata has also received death threats from people she suspects could be UPND members whom the claimed have been perpetrating violence in the last few weeks which saw the hospitalisation of Namwala FDD parliamentary candidate Charity Kabongomana.

Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Nelson Phiri confirmed that he was aware that Ms Kapata’s driver was attacked by armed men who demanded the whereabouts of his boss.

Mr Phiri however said he had not received a report relating to Col Chanda’s death threats but that he was going to follow up the matter.

Ms Kapata said in an interview that that six suspected UPND cadres trailed her driver, Bwalya Nunga, who was going to her residence in Roma and blocked his vehicle along Zambezi Road and demanded to know where she was.

She said one of the ‘‘six muscular giants’’ in a Toyota Corolla without a number plate brandished a pistol at her driver who was alert enough and quickly sped off in the other direction.

Ms Kapata said the thugs told her driver that they were looking for her because they had been sent to kill her but said she did not know why she had become a victim of death threats.

“My driver was coming to my residence to pick me up and just near where I live, a Toyota Corolla without a number plate overtook him and immediately blocked him. Six muscled men got out and one was brandishing a pistol and told the driver they ‘wanted the boss’. My driver was alert and he swiftly turned the vehicle and sped off and later called me that he was ambushed by people who were looking for me and wanted to kill me,” Ms Kapata said.

She revealed that on Sunday while coming from Roma Catholic Church in Roma, she noticed that she was being trailed and was forced to return to church to seek refuge.

Ms Kapata said she had to call for PF security personnel who later evacuated her from the church and it was not surprising that her driver was ambushed by the thugs who thought she was in the car.

Ms Kapata said she later received a message from some unknown number threatening that she would be killed.

She accused the UPND of resorting to death threats against PF parliamentary candidates who were strong so that they could be scared from conducting their campaigns.

And Col Chanda told the Daily Nation that he had received death threats from an MTN number which he had been unable to call back.

Col Chanda said he had since reported the matter to police and could not confirm whether the death threats were political or not.

“About 10 days ago, I received an SMS from an MTN number whose message was that I would be killed. I have not quarrelled with anybody and I have no clue whether the threats are politically motivated or not.

‘‘I have tried to call back but it cannot be reached and I have since reported the matter to police who are investigating,” Col Chanda said.

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