GBM is lying

Dear Editor,

The prize is hot and it is all about who is the rightful claimant to Michael Chilufya Satas legacy.

The unfortunate part is that Zambians know that Michael Sata created the Patriotic Front after falling out with FJT over the succession issue when the latter side-stepped him and named Patrick Levy Mwanawasa as heir to the MMD presidency.

But Sata was very much part of MMD and to think that he only harbored nothing but hate for those in MMD is certainly not knowing this political genius.

Sata was a rare brand of a politician and had he the chance to witness what has befallen MMD today he would have not have even waited for public opinion to take over that party.

So today we witness son and nephew telling his new found friends and crowds around the country that father/uncle turns in his grave to witness what has befallen PF, one cannot help but shake one’s head.

As readers and as citizens with a clear memory let’s condemn this kind of politics or rather let’s remind the nomad politicians that Zambia wants more determined politicians. Politicians that will wonder off to other parties with a conviction and not because of spite, which is very clear in the motives of Guy Scott, Mulenga Sata and Miles Sampa.

Temptation to confront the said politicians comes up high especially if one quotes what Hakainde Hichilema and his followers preached about Michael Sata, in almost all media outlets. So we the readers are left with questions as to what makes Sata turn in his grave, as events unfold, in our volatile political landscape?

Concerned Citizens

God will crush HHs planned Armageddon

Dear Editor,

I wish from the onset to challenge the leader of UPND Hakainde Hichilema to tell me which God he prays to who allows him to insult the leadership of the country put in place the Creator Himself?

If he prays to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob he would have been truly a humble man of God, but I know that is not the case.

Let him also know that he cannot fool God who sees in our insides and know who we really are no matter how we paint our outside.

I have found the man to be such an egoistic person who has forgotten that Zambia is part of the global economic wheel and whatever happens to the wheel will also affect Zambia.

So even when he boasts that he will fix the economy he knows that he has no power over climate change or is it El Nino; no power over copper prices; no power over the rains for water to run the hydro plants for electricity, except to tell us that he knows it all – the traits of a self-centered person he is.

For those Zambians who may not know and according to experts, an egoistic person is the one who has an exaggerated self-importance and who sometimes thinks that he is more important than anybody else.

An egoistic person thinks that he is extremely important and as a result the slightest sarcastic comment will be considered a serious assault and as a result the response of that egoistic person might be very aggressive.

The choice of words: A typical egoistic person will use such phrases more often: “People are stupid”, “I have a different way of thinking”, “I am not your typical Joe”, “I have different views about life”, “I am too good to do so and so” or “I have my own way”. By using these phrases and similar ones the egotistic person will satisfy his need to feel important and different.

I am sure you know the rest, but God has put his hand on this this nation so that even HH’s promised Armageddon will crash in his face on August 11.

Mark my words. Those who fear God will be handsomely be rewarded.

Jay Kabemba


GBMs friends and foes

Dear Editor,

UPND vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM)s amazing Houdini act over allegations linked to the forged GCE certificate from University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate bearing the names of Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba that had been submitted to the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) but was not presented to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) as part of his presidential running mate nomination papers bears out the old truth: bluster baffles brains (Daily Nation, June 17, 2016).

GBM’s popularity among ordinary members of the opposition UPND appears, if anything, to have been strengthened by the alleged forged GCE certificate controversy.  Even though, it is not as if GBM’s accusers have a negligible case.

Nonetheless, ECZ executive director Charles Chilala when contacted to comment on the GCE certificate bearing GBM’s name declined to do so, saying he had not seen the document. Perhaps, it’s something to do with GBM’s friends at ECZ.

The full extent of GBM’s qualification debacle and reliance on his Advanced Diploma allegedly obtained from the United Kingdom, and the devious and mysterious methods surrounding the last-minute submission of his nomination papers, was exposed when PF chairperson for elections, Jean Kapata, astonishingly asked how GBM managed to obtain an advanced diploma from London in such a short period of time and only weeks before nominations for the general elections in August.

GBM’s loud complaints that he was being smeared without an opportunity to clear himself with the investigative wings or indeed in the Constitutional Court struck a responsive chord among ordinary UPND members, and unleashed a wave of sympathy for him.

Admittedly, GBM is no intellectual, has poor academic skills and a hazy grasp of Zambia’s education policy and procedures. But he has abundant guile and a clear understanding that politics is about perceptions and allegiance – which can be bought – rather than hard facts.

Obviously, as the UPND vice president, he understands contra-mobilisation – turning the propaganda tables on political foes, regardless whether it’s proven true or false that he actually got a counterfeit GCE certificate or an advanced diploma in finance and investments from some obscure compound in Harare or Lusaka.

But the more protracted and confused the issue becomes, the better for GBM. If he can hold the line until the August 11 election, UPND will have little option but to elect him as Hakainde Hichilema’s running mate.

As Zambia’s unlikely incoming crown prince, he would be all but untouchable.

Mubanga Luchembe,


Zambias opposition without tangible opposition work

Dear Editor,

As Zambia votes on the 11th of August and in the aftermath we have an opposition. Could that opposition get to work as an opposition and leave the ruling party to go about not only fulfilling its campaign promises, but also praising that Party when need be for a proven job well done, like say diversification starts paying off or load shedding totally eliminated.

Surely some parties in the present opposition have not done any tangible opposition work in the past five years. Time was spent only on opposing even good deeds.

The Zambian citizen must expect all parties to be patriotic in their support for development and when elections come around it is also time to check whether some have proved in opposition that they are pro-Zambia.

This means no leaders on the international scene unjustifiably calling on investors not to invest in Zambia, writing to international bodies to boycott Zambian politicians or on the local scene boycotting national days.

Future Zambian politics must be smart and only aimed at pleasing this nation we all love and not just one’s political party.

Whether one does not like the incumbent President that should not then be the centre of one’s opposition work.

If we were to grade the opposition work, taking out all that they claim were barriers from the ruling party PF in the about to end legislation, they fare badly on a scale of one to 10, a decimal 3 out of 10 as honestly only Elias Chipimo and NAREP made the most overtures in working constructively on issues of the nation.

The vast number of opposition parties found total solace in boycott of almost everything, one even had the impression they also boycotted much of the infrastructure the PF so effectively has done in its initial year of power.

If we expect our democracy to grow after 25 years of re-introduction of multiparty politics, the interest of the ordinary Zambia and patriotism against all odds must be the order of the day among political parties. The true test of patriotism comes when one is in opposition.

Patriotic Zambians

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