Livingstone plots safe-council


THE Livingstone City Council has no intentions of repossessing plots from successful applicants who will not develop them within a month, Livingstone City Council Administrator Clayton Hamulyata has announced.

The council has also extended the duration for successful applicants to pay development charges from one month to three month as earlier announced.

Last week, UPND Freedom Ward candidate Owen Muteba appealed to the PF government to intervene over the fees and grace period for the people who have been given plots by the local authority.

Mr. Muteba said the amount of K10, 000 was too high while the grace period of one month was not enough.

But Mr Hamulyata said yesterday that the period of payment had been extended to 90 days from 30 days.

Mr. Hamulyata said that the one month which was given was merely meant to encourage people to pay on time so that the council could raise some money in order to open up the areas so that people could start accessing their plots.

“There was nothing sinister about the council giving a one month period. We just wanted to rise a bit of money so that we can open up these areas where we have given people plots. The money we have gotten so far is enough to open up the three areas where we have given out plots.

“Right now we are working on the roads and we have engaged ZESCO and Southern Water and Sewerage Company to put up their lines so that people can start building. So far, we are done with giving out plots for low cost and medium,” he said.

Mr. Hamulyata further said the Council had no intentions of repossessing plots that will not be developed within the stipulated time.

“In normal circumstances, we have decided to give plots to everyone who attended the interviews in 2012. If they were given plots at that particular time, we would have allowed people to compete for those plots.

“I want to make it very clear that we are not going to repossess any

plot from anyone. We can’t inconvenience them because they waited for these plots for four years, this is a long period. What we are going to do is to find a way for everyone to pay,” he said.


Mr Hamulyata further added that once the 90 days period elapsed, there would be another extension.

He said the decision to extend the duration to pay development charges was arrived at during the 20th ordinary council meeting held in the council chamber on April 29, 2016 after management

reported that there were complaints from the public about the grace period to make payments.