Women who dump babies condemned

THE tendency by some women to dump their newly born babies in pit latrines and in uncompleted buildings has angered Lusaka residents who have charged that the vice is unacceptable in a Christian nation like Zambia.

The residents said that it was unfortunate that some women did not appreciate the value of child birth.

Faustina Musonda a resident of Misisi compound said that it was shameful that  some women had no regard for Zambia’s declaration as a Christian nation  and whose people should live by the principles of God.

Ms. Musonda said that a baby was a gift from God that should be given a chance to grow and live its life.

She said women had no right to start deciding the destiny and life of human being or cut life even before it started.

Ms. Musonda said throwing or dumping a newly born babies in a pit latrine or rubbish pit was a sign that such an individual was not ready to be a parent as they were not responsible enough to take care of a young child.

She said every life was sacred and no one had the right to end a child’s life just because they felt like they could do it.‘

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And Victoria Moyo another Misisi resident said that young girls who fell pregnant while in school and were scared of telling their parents about their pregnancy were the ones that have the tendency of dumping babies immediately they are born.

Ms. Moyo said parents should take it upon themselves to ensure that they monitored their children’s movement to avoid lives of innocent babies been thrown away by irresponsible parents.

She said dumping a child was as bad as murder and anyone found guilty of throwing away their newly born child should face the law.

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