COMESA sensitizes members on critical role of Court of Justice


By Nation Reporter

A CAMPAIGN to sensitize governments and the business community on the benefits of utilizing the COMESA Court of Justice in deepening regional integration in the region has been developed by the organization.

The COMESA Court of Justice is the judicial organ of COMESA whose core function is to adjudicate upon all disputes between member states that might arise from the interpretation and application of the COMESA treaty.

COMESA was this week expected to hold a meeting in Madagascar aimed at informing law practitioners, top officials of various government ministries, the business community and other stakeholders on the remedies that the court could afford to litigants in an effort to support trade.

The meeting was also aimed at promoting trade development regarding the region and the continent.

According to a statement from the COMESA head of corporate and communications Mwangi Gakunga, the facility would promote trade developments regarding the region and the continent.

COMESA said since its inception, the court had been underutilized as stakeholders, especially the business community and governments, had not been well informed about its functions and jurisdiction. “Nevertheless, the court has in recent years been favourably cited for its landmark rulings and advisory opinions which have reassured the business community in particular of final redress where disputes are likely to occur with governments and other parties,” the statement said

COMESA court assistant registrar Nemaduth Singh Juddoo said the court played a critical role by providing a channel through which member states and other stakeholders could seek redress for any damages or disputes which may arise as a result of the COMESA integration process.

“Countries need to be assured that the agreements and treaties they sign can be enforced through a functional legal framework as this builds confidence in the system and enables deeper integration to occur.

“We believe that through publicity seminars in the COMESA member states more people will be able to appreciate the services of the COMESA Court of Justice and use its services when required,” he said.