Fear HH, GBM combination-Lungu


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has asked Zambians to scrutinise the pair of United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema and his running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba whether they are suitable for the governance of the country.

He, however, warned Zambians that electing the pair of Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba could put the country into a crisis.

President Lungu advised Zambians not to experiment with national leadership.

He said this in Chongwe where he was addressing a mammoth rally at Chongwe Primary school grounds yesterday.

President Lungu said the UPND had no campaign message to the people of Zambia because they had nothing to offer as whatever they wanted to implement if elected was being done by the Patriotic Front.

He said the UPND were trivialising the position of a presidential running mate, hence the decision to settle for Mr. Mwamba who was well known for his violent behaviour and abusive language.

He said Zambians should brace themselves for problems should the UPND win this year’s election because there was too much inconsistency especially on the part of Mr. Hichilema and Mr. Mwamba on a number of issues, an indication that they never consulted each other and that they were only working together because they were desperate for power.

“The position of a running mate is a serious one according to the provisions of the new Constitution and this is why I settled for Madam Inonge Wina. We talk to each other and we work in a coordinated manner. As such, I know that even if I am not there, she can discharge her duties very well as president.

“Can you imagine what would happen if you voted for the UPND and unfortunately Mr. Hichilema dies and Mr. Mwamba became president, what kind of a country will Zambia be? This is why we are saying that the UPND should not cheat you about anything. Whatever they are talking about are lies. They have been inconsistent in many ways. They were on a radio programme a day ago where Mr. Mwamba said the UPND will reduce the price of maize to K 50 while Mr. Hichilema said they will increase the price to K120. This means they don’t talk to each other. They are just a bunch of conmen,” President Lungu said. He said there was nothing new that the UPND could do even if they were to be ushered into office because the PF government was already addressing all the issues they were talking about.  “They say they will come and fix the economy; who told them the economy is broken? Something you can fix is that which is broken. The economy is not broken, nothing is broken.

“Everything is ok. The agriculture sector is doing well. For the first time, our farmers are getting fertilisers and seed on time since we formed government.

“These people think you Zambians are foolish that is why they think only one person can have a vision for the country but know that whoever thinks that he knows it all is a fool. I have the vision for the PF through you and that is why I am wiser than them because I believe the vision to run a country is a collective responsibility,” he said.

And Patriotic Front (PF) aspiring candidate for Chongwe Japhen Mwakalombe branded former Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo as a political prostitute who was criss-crossing political parties in order to make a fortune for herself.

He said Ms. Masebo was always jumping from one party to another in order to make a fortune for herself.

He said the people of Chongwe were tired of political rhetoric from individuals who practiced politics of benefit.

3 thoughts on “Fear HH, GBM combination-Lungu

  1. Ms Masebo should be retired because she is no longer useful to the community of Chongwe and Zambia at large. HH is also busy appointing rich people with small brains on sensitive positions while disappointing loyal members. Come August 11 2016 he shall cry foul and if he will want to fight he fight alone no one will help him. Mark my words HH.

  2. Sorry mr president, GBM was talking about reducing mealie meal while HH was talking about the cost price of a 50kg bag of maize.

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