HH, GBM must explain their wealth – Kaingu


By Nation Reporter

HAKAINDE Hichilema and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba should tell Zambians how they have managed to build their financial empires in an economy they have continued to condemn and denigrate or else Zambians will have reason to believe the two did not accumulate their wealth genuinely, Michael Kaingu has charged.

According to Dr Kaingu, the Patriotic Front (PF) Mwandi constituency parliamentary candidate, the cartel that had reincarnated through the UPND was going to wage the worst form of vendetta and tyranny should the opposition party inadvertently form government after the August general elections.

Dr Kaingu, who is Higher Education minister, said Mr Hichilema, the UPND presidential candidate and his running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba had been boasting of being the wealthiest businessmen in an economy they claimed had been badly performing since the days of privatisation.

He said in an interview that it was ‘‘economically strange and worrying’’ that Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba had accumulated immense wealth when the majority of Zambians were living in poverty.

He said if past governments including that of President Edgar Lungu had mismanaged the economy, Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba could not have more than doubled their wealth from what they had declared in the 2015 presidential election.

“It is ironical that Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba have been boasting of being rich and successful businessmen in an economy they claim is poor and has failed. It would be important for Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba to confess to Zambians how they have managed to acquire so much wealth in a country whose economy they have been condemning or else Zambians will have good reason to believe that the two gentlemen did not acquire their riches in a genuine manner.

‘‘It is like a woman who is married and has 10 children but climbs on an anthill and proclaims that her husband is impotent. People will be interested to know how she has children with an impotent man,” Dr Kaingu said.

And Dr Kaingu said the cartel that had over the years mastered the art of using State institutions and apparatus to victimise and scandalise innocent high profile personalities had regrouped in the UPND and was going to unleash the worst acts of vengeance and retribution should the opposition party form government.

Dr Kaingu said the UPND should never be allowed near State power because their agenda was not to fix the economy but to fix their perceived political opponents such as President Lungu.

He said on countless times, the UPND had vowed that they would fix their political opponents should they form government and that had been the style of governance the cartel had been propagating.

“Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba have been claiming that they will come and fix the economy but the truth is that they are bitter people whose preoccupation will be to fix citizens. The people who have been propagating politics of vengeance and retribution are now in the UPND and they still desire to manipulate State institutions and apparatus to settle their political and economic scores,” Dr Kaingu said.

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