Ng’ombe, Kasisi townships in water blues


By Nation Reporter

A CRITICAL shortage of water has hit Kasisi and parts of Ngombe areas following a damaged water pipes.

Melody Nakanyika of Kasisi area said people in her area faced a health risk as flushing toilets were not working and the area did not have pit latrines.

She said finding water for household use was a major challenge, adding that chances of cholera breaking out were extremely high.

Another resident of Kasisi Timothy Mvula said residents were being forced to fetch water from Old Ng’ombe and were being charged 40 ngwee  for 20 litre and 20 ngwee for 10 litre containers, adding that it was now becoming expensive to have water.

He appealed to the water utility company to install water kiosks in the area to alleviate the problem.

Mr Mvula said residents were forced to wake up as early as 04:00 hours to join the long queues at the nearest available water points to draw water.

A Ng’ombe resident Morgan Kabwe said the areas had been experiencing water shortage for a long time now and that even the pressure was very low.

Mr Kabwe said the water shortage had also negatively affected his business because as an opaque beer seller he needed water to wash his utensils and use flushing toilets.

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) public relations manager Topsy Sikalinda has however assured the affected residents to be patient as the utility firm was working round the clock to normalize the situation.