Politicians should avoid vulgar language


I would like to comment on the politicians’ vulgar language and the likely impact it has on children. As a young citizen of this country, I have observed that the vulgar language of some political parties has a negative impact on children’s development. The violent language used by some prominent political leaders also contributes to the perpetuation of political violence. I wish to urge all presidential hopefuls in the forthcoming general elections to be amiable in their language and consider that as they speak, they are not only talking to the adult electorate but also to children who are the future voters. We should live by the motto One Zambia, One Nation and promote peace in the country. Wishing all political parties a peaceful run.

Stewart Luunga


Munali Boys Secondary School

Those violent UPND cadres in Garden compound


Bravo to the police for dispersing the UPND cadres who were beating up innocent people in Garden compound on June 16, 2016. UPND thugs were hired from different places in Lusaka into Garden compound and removed all the PF campaign posters and stoned people by using catapults and stones. My appeal goes to the police command across the country not to allow these cadres and their leaders to be conducting door to door campaigns because this is a recipe for violence.




Youths cautioned against being used in political violence


Allow me space in your paper to urge all my fellow youths to desist from being used by politicians. If my fellow youths were thinking like I do, I doubt if a politician would have hoodwinked them to commit acts of violence. They use you so that they harvest political profits. Surely, how can you agree to be given a K200 just to put your life at risk! Life is precious and it has to be sacredly preserved. The loss of life affects not only the family but the entire country because a young life has been lost which would have contributed to the development of the country. Please, when they call you for ‘special’ assignments, get their money and run for your life.




Ex-ZAMTEL workers cry to President Lungu


I wish to submit this request to the Republican President Edgar Lungu to come to our aid. I am a former unionised Zambia ZAMTEL employee. We were retrenched before it was sold to Lap Green of Libya. Surprisingly, management and middle management were paid full benefits. Please Mr. President, help us because this issue is long overdue.

Chelangi Heaven



Shame on Chipolopolo


Zambia’s Chipolopolo Boys as usual lost to Swaziland. I am happy George Lwandamina wasn’t in charge we would have heard all sorts of insults. However, I am very happy for ZESCO United FC players, they showed character and they shall fight in Egypt. Surely our penalty takers walking like they had diarrhoea and just recovering. 

Simangaliso Dube.


Church should be out of politics


Church leaders must appreciate that their flock comes from different political inclinations. Endorsing political candidates is divisive, discriminatory and undemocratic. The churches must not take sides but embrace everyone regardless of their divergent political views and affiliations.

Marvin Chanda Mberi


Politics of name calling


It is very sad that 52 years down the line, our politicians still base their manifestos on name calling instead of issues to be delivered to the people of Zambia. Please, politicians we are tired of your insults, name calling and fighting going around in our beloved country. Peace is all we need!

Nkolola CMJJ