Traditional leaders reject national land policy


TRADITIONAL leaders have said they will not support the national land policy because it vests land in the Republican President who holds it in trust for and on behalf of the people.

House of Chiefs chairperson, Chief Ntambu of Lunda people of Mwinilunga district said yesterday that the current state of the land policy gave too much power to the President over land, reducing chiefs to mere surrogate custodians.

Speaking in an interview with Millennium Radio news, Chief Ntambu said giving too much power to the President over the natural resource will result in foreigners taking over land which belonged to the Zambian people.

“It is unacceptable that Government wants to take away land from Zambians. We do not want Government to take control of land as this will result in foreigners taking over land which belongs to the Zambian people,” he said. Chief Ntambu called on Government to consider removing the clause from the policy that empowered the President with too much powers over land.

“Land is the only asset our people have. Therefore, it will be regrettable if Government takes it away from the Zambians. So we are demanding that Government removes the clause from the policy that empowers the President with much power over land,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chief Ntambu has disclosed that the House of Chiefs was yet to make recommendations on the national land policy.

“When the House of Chiefs resumes on the 11th of July, one of the issues that will be tabled is the National Land Policy where traditional leaders will be making recommendations regarding the matter, thereafter we have a consultation meeting  with the Ministry of Lands,’’ he  said.

Government has attributed the delay to conclude the National Land Policy to failure by traditional leaders to submit recommendations on the draft land policy.