Zambia should invest in renewable energy sources


By Nation Reporter

ZAMBIA should invest in renewable energy sources if challenges of power crisis are to be addressed, says Hivos International country director Wesley Wakunuma.

Mr. Wakun’uma, whose organisation was seeking new solutions to persistent global issues, noted that that the energy crisis would continue to engulf Zambia if the country did not take diversification to other sources of energy seriously.

He said energy played a vital role in the economic growth, progress and development of any country.

Mr. Wakun’uma said Zambia’s future economic growth crucially depended on the long-term availability of energy from the sources that were affordable, accessible and environmentally friendly. He said energy was an important factor in all the sectors of any country’s economy.

“Uninterrupted energy supply is a vital issue for a country like Zambia with the potential for industry, and for as long as we do not take the issue of diversifying the energy sector, the energy crisis will continue to frustrate our country, Mr. Wakun’uma said.

He said the Zambian business community had a pivotal role in addressing the energy crisis in the country.

He advised entrepreneurs to take advantage and invest in renewable energy, saying that being dependent on Government to tackle energy issues in the country was not helpful.

There was need for the business community to increase its investment in renewable energy.

“We should not wait on Government every time to make a move, but we as citizens can assist Government in addressing some of these issues. If only the business communities could consider investing in renewable energies, then Zambia’s economy can be improved because it all depends on energy,” he said.

Mr. Wakun’uma indicated that unless the level of power generation to drive the industrial sector was improved, efforts to boost the economy of the country would remain a mirage.

He said renewable energy resources for the generation of electric power in Zambia were vast, comprising hydro, solar and wind power spread across the different parts of the country.

“Several energy resources are available in Zambia in abundant proportions, so there is no need for us to go through this crisis. All that is required is to invest in renewable energy, depending on one source is risky,” said Mr. Wakun’uma.