Tax evasion is a criminal offence-Post must pay

Dear Editor,

The remarks by veteran politician VJ Mwaanga on the plight of the Post Newspaper confirm that he has truly become a cadre supporting the opposition UPND.

There is absolutely no excuse for the Post to evade paying taxes.  Tax evasion is criminal. Tax observance is a responsibility enshrined in the Bible among other authorities. Those in default must face the law squarely. Allowing discriminatory application of the law will be an abrogation of the law.

The Post newspaper is first and foremost a business venture that must abide by the existing rules. The fact that they have chosen media as their area of specialisation does not make them any different from any other business.

There is nothing sacred about media business.

It will be recalled that the Post Newspaper accused Dr. Frederick Chiluba of corruption for using public funds for his personal needs.

It is the worst form of corruption for the Post Newspaper to consistently refuse to pay taxes and attempt to politicise the matter by recruiting the services of VJ and other well-known cadres.

If the Post cannot get GBM and HH   to help them meet the debt, then the inevitable must occur. It will not be the first time a newspaper has closed down. More powerful newspapers in the world have closed down and the world has gone on.

The mistake will be for ZRA to be intimidated and allow this default. It will be a very bad precedence which we shall not take kindly as tax payers who are made to pay diligently every month through Pay as You earn.

The principle that nobody is above the law should be seen to be adhered to and the Zambians are watching very keenly.

Maurice Kachinga

Fred M’membe must dance ‘pelete’

Dear Editor

Every dog has its day and do unto others what you would like them to do unto you.

These are the sayings that Fred M’membe deliberately ignored with impunity when he enjoyed State power and made enemies with everyone in government, in the private sector and Zambians at large, under the disguise of freedom of speech and press freedom.

It is the same M’membe who called Zambians foolish because of their passiveness.

Now that his time of reckoning has come he wants to blame government particularly Edgar Lungu for all his misfortunes.

Is Lungu ZRA? And why should he think Zambians will support his wrongdoing?

Government needs money to pay CBU and UNZA students their meal allowances.

They need money to buy medicines, agricultural inputs, to pay civil servants salaries on time and construct roads, schools and hospitals.

And they get this money from ZRA, RTSA, courts, police  and if they don’t collect this money from taxes, The Post and M’membe will be the loudest to scream that government has no money, government does not care for its people, Lungu has failed etc, forgetting that they contributed to these same problems.

Zambians are not foolish. They know that Fred is only interested in his stomach and personal survival. That is why most of them don’t buy the Post and the sales have gone down for all to see. Anyway, that is a story for another day. Meanwhile Fred can Ask Mutembo Nchito to pay for him, he has Tedworth Property money obtained from the infamous Task Force on Corruption or Mahtani even his new found friend HH.

The closure of the Post is the greatest day of our lives as Zambians.

I just pity the workers but again when you steal as a head of a house, the consequences will be felt by the children and relatives of that bread winner.

James Zulu


Opportunistic politics killing Zambia




Dear Editor

Leadership is the essence of politics and it doesn’t matter what political colour or the ideology a political party or politician do to pursue the presumed objective, the intended destination should be but leadership.

Politicians are there to lead people, solve their problems, enable them to live in peace and harmony by narrowing their differences, divisions and grudges, be they political, social or ethnic based.

There is no political problem that is impossible for the politicians to defuse. However, politicians without imaginable point of agreement in the political realm can’t call themselves skilled politicians in the real sense of the word.

Yes, politicians might differ in the way they get to the seat of power and government but when they have reached there, their duty and role will be the same, to lead.

My point here is that there shouldn’t be purely subjective differences between our current PF leadership and the opposition since their presumed objective is all but to lead the people of Zambia to better present and future in terms of socio-economic, cultural and political aspirations.

The Zambian people from the general assumption are like any other nation on earth that are wishing and entitled to live in peace, stability and to get the development and prosperity they deserve regardless of whether their illiteracy rate is higher or the claim that majority are very lazy and unproductive.

They are still entitled to good leaders and politicians that must work tirelessly together to realize the desired aspirations and goals.

All our political camps are claiming patriotism, heroism and that they are all about Zambian dignity, development, sovereignty and prosperity hence one may wonder where then are the differences that are destroying the lives of their constituents and the peace we inherited from our founding fathers emanating from?

Otherwise one of the two main camps namely the PF or UPND or both are using such claims for political consumption and rhetoric.

Well let me speculate a bit on one of the many factors that are destroying us in Zambia.

This is what I term as opportunism and the opportunistic politics that has replaced objective and principled politics.

Exploiting violence or creating one to exploit seem to be what opportunistic politicians in Zambia do often feed from and not only that, they make sure it is on-going and active for them to grab power. Apart from that, other effective ingredients of opportunism are hatred, conspiracies or tribal prejudice where making money through corruption and nepotism is the norm and not the exception.

The recent defections by former ministers in the PF government and that of Dr Nevers Mumba of MMD to UPND is an example of such parasitic politics. It is an example of how hatred is used to destabilize the peace and stability of a nation. Politicians who felt left out in PF and MMD or whose political opportunism has reached a dead end in the new era of massive infrastructure development have once again entered the political life from the back door and through vicious political opportunism.

Accordingly, and with Dr Scott and Dr Nevers Mumba finding themselves faced by the threats of political oblivion, they have had no option but to ally themselves with the necessary evil and the devil in order to settle old scores with their perceived enemies.

But a choice like the one taken by the two former Vice Presidents of Zambia Dr Scott and Dr Mumba is a sure dead end and not a good reputation for any country or nation to pursue.


Mukuka Chilufya

Chambishi Mine