Nkoyas salute ‘peaceful’ campaigns in Nkeyema


By Nation Reporter

THE Nkoya Royal Establishment (NRE) has hailed political parties taking part in this years election for maintaining peace in Nkeyema district which it says has been incident-free since the campaigns started.

NRE spokesperson David Tamboka told the Daily Nation yesterday that the NRE was happy that peaceful campaigns have characterised the campaigns in the district after warning certain individuals who it thought could disrupt the peace with their untruly behaviour.

Mr. Tamboka said while some parts of the country were engulfed in political clashes, Nkeyema had remained peaceful as candidates in the election were freely campaigning without any interference from each other and has encouraged the parties to maintain the state of affairs.

He said there was need for politicians to realise that violence had never won any party an election since Zambia attained her independence, adding that the scourge was retrogressive and retarded development.

He said there was need for politicians to realise that the peace that Zambians were cherishing came at a great cost and needed to be guarded jealously if the country was to continue striving towards attaining meaningful development, adding that players should realise that despite the differences in their affiliations, they were all Zambians who had one common goal of making the country a better place to live in.

“From the very beginning, we made it clear that we will not tolerate any political party that will bring unnecessary differences here because we knew there were elements who wanted to create despondency in the district by engaging in violence. As an establishment, we are happy that our call had been heeded by all political parties and so far the campaigns have been smooth.

“This is how it should be because we are one people. Politicians may have different ideologies and policies and as a result we may belong to different groupings but beyond politics, we are all Zambians and if we set this country on fire, we will all be affected. Even if you have the money to leave the country and stay abroad, you will still be affected because you will leave relatives and friends behind,” Mr. Tamboka.

He also appealed to political parties to stop ferrying cadres from one place to another, saying it was the cause of clashes among rival groupings.

He said cadres transported to other areas were the ones who were causing problems among the locals because they had nothing to lose since they did not reside in the places in which they were attacking each other and damaging property.

“If a political party travels to the Copperbelt for example, their campaign message should be of the people of the Copperbelt; it should be how they will address the challenges the people are facing there. So what is the essence of ferrying cadres from another area? This is what is causing violence which all of us should be guarding against,” he said.