Opposition shocked – Kamba


By Nation Reporter

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has taken his opponents and doomsayers who were claiming that he was sick by storm by staging two mega rallies in Zingalume and Chongwe, thereby sending them into a panic mode, Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba has said.

Mr. Kamba said the opposition, who were questioning President Lungu’s health and why he was not campaigning, had gone mute after seeing the crowd-pulling effect of the Head of State wherever he had gone to campaign.

He said the multitudes that had continued to throng the PF campaign rallies showed the party’s strength and the faith Zambians had in the ruling party and President Lungu in particular, adding that no amount of mudslinging would affect President Lungu’s popularity ahead of this year’s election.

Mr Kamba said the two rallies that the PF held in the past one week could not be compared to the rallies the opposition held in terms of numbers.

He said the opposition’s questioning of why the ruling party had not initially campaigned when the campaign started showed political immaturity because no politician who was preparing for such a tricky election like this year’s would “beg” their opponent to start campaigning, adding that the ruling party would dismantle the opposition since that was what it was asking for.

“President Lungu has already cemented his re-election because he has taken his opponents and doomsayers who were claiming that he was sick by storm by staging mega rallies which cannot be compared to the crowds the opposition have managed to gather across the country.

‘‘These are people who have been mocking him that he was sick and that the party was broke that was why we were not campaigning but now they are mute after seeing the masses attending our rallies.

“Which person in his right mind would go into a competition and plead with the opponent to train hard? This is what they wanted and we have given them what they were asking for and they are now in panic but we will continue doing so. Tomorrow (today) we are heading to Luangwa. Let them watch our pace,” Mr. Kamba warned.