UPND not popular- Cozmo Mumba

By Nation Reporter

THE United Party for National Development (UPND) should stop bragging about being popular because the people that have joined the bandwagon are the same rejects from PF who schemed to prevent Edgar Lungu from becoming president and are adding no value in this years election, National Revolution Party (NRP) leader Cozmo Mumba has charged.

And Dr. Mumba said those who thought the 15 opposition political parties that had resolved to support the Patriotic Front (PF) in this year’s election had no impact would be in for a rude shock because they were ready for a fight to ensure that the PF won without going for a rerun.

He said those who had left the PF and had “gone to bed” with the UPND were ‘evil schemers’ who never wanted President Lungu to win the presidency in last year’s presidential by-election, adding that they would fail just the same way they did last year.

He said the opposition political parties who had come together to support the PF had done so out of principle after weighing in all possible alliances with other political parties participating in this year’s election.

He said contrary to the motives of a “bunch of PF rejects” to bring down their former party out of hatred and hunger for power, the 15 political parties believed true economic emancipation was only certain under the PF government.

He said the political parties were looking at the broader picture of having a transformed country through sound policies that hinged on good governance and a clear developmental agenda that was realistic as opposed to those who were driven by personal interests and theorising the running of government.

“We are supporting the PF out of principle but those who have left the ruling party and have decided to go to bed with the UPND are doing so out of hatred. These are the same ‘evil schemers’ who never gave President Lungu breathing space before the presidential by-election but they failed. What gives them the guarantee that they can now bring down the person they failed to de-campaign when he had literally nothing?

“We have hit top gear and we are campaigning to ensure that we don’t waste time and resources through a rerun. We want an outright victory for the PF but I should state that our motive has nothing to do with bitterness towards those we have not supported like others are doing. We are not here for personal benefits but to ensure that Zambia gets the quality leadership that will foster meaningful development,” said Dr. Mumba.

He appealed to President Lungu not to waste time on individuals who were bent on tarnishing his image because they had nothing to offer to the people, adding that those who thought he would lose the elections were in for a shock of their lives.

“They will have the shock of their lives because President Lungu will beat them again. Our only appeal to him is that he should not entertain detractors because they have nothing to offer to Zambians,” he said.