Bokwe takes music to sport

Bokwe Music last Saturday combined with Buena Vida Zambia to host a soccer tournament at International School of Lusaka.

 The soccer tournament was in line with Bokwe Music’s agenda of entertaining, educating and sharing different cultures while building one another.

This was also in line with the Buena Vida brand’s initiative of encouraging the good life with positive vibes and living well.

The event was also a demonstration that ‘Sport and music’ mix well and inspire young people. The tournament was the first of many planned and had 12 teams competing for the honour.

Cash prizes were given to winners but most importantly the interaction and connections amongst the participants was exciting to organizers.

“The most important thing was people had fun and interacted with each other in a positive space. Bokwe Music and Buena Vida hope to combine and do more such events and involve more sports people and musicians,” said Bokwe in a statement.