Govt urged to crack down on brothels

THE move by some people to turn their houses into brothels has angered Lusaka residents who have condemned the practice, stating that there is need for relevant authorities to intervene.

The residents complained that operating brothels is illegal and should not be tolerated. They have said that people have forsaken good morals and have become more concerned about making money instead of promoting the values of the country.

The residents said that operating a brothel is a way of encouraging sexual immorality especially among young people.

Bridget Mutale, a resident of Chawama, said that it is unfortunate that people have gone to extremes in the name of making money with no consideration whatsoever to the country’s morals.

Mr. Mutale said that a country that has been declared Christian should not have brothels because they corrupt morals.

‘’Operating brothels should not be encouraged because they dent our nation’s image and spoiling our morals as a nation that believes in culture and tradition as the roots of the country,’’ he said.

Josephine Kunda of the same area said that it was shameful that people had resorted to turning their houses into brothels so that they could make money without considering the fact that they were involving themselves in illegal business.

Ms Kunda said that Lusaka City Council should intervene and ensure that anyone caught operating a brothel should be brought to book and charged accordingly.

And Lusaka City Council public relations manager Habeenzu Mulunda has warned that the authority will take stern action against anyone caught operating a brothel.

Mr. Mulunda said that brothels are illegal and should not be condoned by anyone. He urged members of the public to report all cases of people operating brothels to the authority for it to take action against them.

‘’Brothel operation is illegal and it will not be condoned and as council we will not take it lightly on anyone who will be found operating a brothel,’’ he said