Zambians are not stupid

Dear Editor,

The unfolding Post Newspaper saga is most infuriating considering that the antagonism by Fred Mmembe who is in the wrong seems endless.

He was fully aware of his tax obligations having been an accountant of some kind, but let the obligation lapse because he enjoyed political patronage.

He does not seem capable of admitting that he is no longer in control of Government and may never be even when his “saviour” HH comes into power if ever.

Fred must learn to humble himself. Owning a newspaper does not make him a super human being above all others.

Can Fred M’membe explain to the Zambian people why he stopped paying taxes during the reign of President Michael Sata?

Where is the money he is paying now coming from when it was not paid at the due time?

It is not good enough to pontificate at this late stage in time by publishing a half truth of what was paid without explaining what is still being awaited by the ZRA.

Give Zambians the full picture and let them make an informed opinion instead of presenting biased information that is meant to mislead and hoodwink. Zambians are not stupid. You can fool some people as can be seen from the statement being made in support, but there are many others who see behind the façade.

He can fool the crowds in the UPND who appreciate the caustic, antagonistic and highly unprofessional style of reporting, but Zambians at large will not be taken in.

Concerned Zambian


ZRA must not lose its nerve

Dear Editor,

The arrogance of Fred Mmembe is truly infuriating and mind boggling.

Let me explain.

There is no way an individual can threaten a Government that has taken the correct steps to recover stolen tax.

Not only that but he also continues to produce the paper in defiance of the Government. Such antagonism is unnecessary.

First and foremost, The Post is a business and profit making venture which must abide by set rules. Failure to do so invites sanctions from the rightful authority. It does not matter the nature of the business.

He should never be allowed to run a media house or any other influential profession as he will continue to be defiant.

ZRA must not lose its nerve because they are dealing with a man who knows how to manipulate information. He is playing the wounded victim and yet, he knows so well that taxes are payable on demand. He also knows the manner in which the new figure of K53 million has been arrived at but will instead choose to mislead by playing ignorant.

His task was to collect and pass on to Government and yet, he chose to keep and use the money. This went on for all the time that Mr Sata was in office and would have gone on if God had not intervened.

As if the ZRA scandal is not enough, he is in court over the DBZ debt and may still have to answer for the US$4 million Finance Bank debt, National Airports and the NAPSA fund debt.

These will surely come into play if this Government continues, hence their desire to seek regime change at any cost.

He is a wounded man and if the Government lets him loose, it will have itself to blame for the consequences. He will want to cause maximum damage.



Where are the honest UPND leaders?

Dear Editor,

It is hard staying honest in a political party in which, by some accounts, honesty does not pay or exist. Some of the people who lead the UPND are dishonest. They cannot be trusted to keep their word on anything they say or do. So what is the motivation to stay honest?

Take for instance, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) who has been accused of lying to the National Assembly by making two contradictory declarations about his educational qualifications that he’s a holder of both Grade 12 and Form V qualifications (“GBM, Form V or Grade 12?”, Daily Nation, June 22, 2016).

The first signs of dishonest tricks campaign against GBM surfaced last week when scurrilous rumours about his academic qualifications began doing the rounds. Climaxing the campaign was a front-page report in the Daily Nation suggesting he had submitted a counterfeit GCE certificate for verification to the Examination Council of Zambia.

He denied it. Building on these, at least three conspiracy theories have been circulated to suggest GBM is the cat’s paw of the UPND internal sinister interests.

In the first, the fake GCE certificate secret and its submission to the ECZ known to the inner-circle in the UPND, who have used it to manipulate him into eventual disqualification as the first choice presidential running mate is aimed at embarrassing him.

The theory had been dignified by none other than the UPND vice president for politics Canisius Banda, who publicly lamented that Hakainde Hichilema, like any other presidential candidate had selected GBM as his running mate and how he arrived at that choice was a matter Canisius Banda was ignorant about because he was not consulted (Daily Nation, June 14, 2016).

The second, UDF theory suggests Guy Scott preferred to have late Michael Sata’s wife Christine Kaseba to be chosen the UPND presidential running mate other than GBM to discredit the two UPND vice presidents, in the eyes of the dominant Bemba ethnicity of Northern and Muchinga provinces.

But GBM vehemently objected to Guy Scott’s plans and threatened to halt his campaign funding to the party.

In the third, Guy Scott, Miles Sampa and Canisius Banda are conspiring to scotch GBM’s chances of succeeding to the State vice presidency in the unlikely event that the UPND wins the forthcoming general elections.

It is theory number three that has probably had most impact on

conspiracy theorists and ordinary UPND members who are asking: “Where are the honest UPND leaders?”

Mubanga Luchembe, LUSAKA


 Social media misinformation

Dear Editor,

Social media has turned the world into a globe village by spreading information very fast.

However, it is unfortunate that misinformation has become the major social trend on most social media platforms.

It is shocking how people express their opinions without enough research to make well informed views.

We are living in a society that is easily moved by lies and mudslinging.

Educative or personal building information doesn’t attract the attention of society any more.

No wonder, it is being said today that, “stand for the truth and stand alone”.

However, the powers of making choices depend on each individual. Any righteous seeking individual takes time to find out the truth by venting information.

The complexity of modern society is now a threat to knowing the truth.

We need to be careful as we make decisions. Some innocent people today are being misunderstood due to misinformation.

Social media has brought about cyber bullying. We need to seek the truth and never believe everything we read online.

Wisdom Kaunda, Kabwe