Lungu a God fearing leader-Rev Mwendapole

ZAMBIA is fortunate to have a God-fearing leader and only anti-Christians can criticise calls for prayers in a Christian country, says Christians Coalition general secretary Reverend John Mwendapole.

Rev. Mwendapole said a prayer was part of everyone’s life and that Zambians should be happy that they had President Edgar Lungu who re-dedicated Zambia to God by seeking his wisdom in governing the country.

He said it was sad to hear people wanting to criticise calls for prayers each time the country was facing challenges, stating that it was during economic and political turbulences that the country needed guidance from God as Zambia was headed for polls.

“We all need prayers which are part of life and whatever exists in our lives God’s guidance is always needed. Only people with ill-intentions can speak against prayers and it is sad to hear people trying to push their agenda as if they live on their own without God,” he said.

Rev. Mwendapole reminded the Zambians that President Lungu was a God-given leader and therefore, should be supported by all well-meaning Zambians.

He commended the Head of State for being the chief advocate for prayer in the country and that Zambians should heed to the call for peace and stability in the country.

“Zambia is lucky to have a leader who is God-fearing, and let us give support to him by ensuring that we all seek God first as all the success is coming from above.

“We are a Christian nation and it is justifiable to have a leader asking divine intervention in his presidency at all times, and this is why President Lungu is been exemplary,” he said.

Rev. Mwendapole explained that the fear for God qualified President Lungu as a leader, as his humility had led him to gain support from people.

“When the righteous leader rules the nation, all his people get impressed no matter what they might be going through because they know it will be a passing phase,” he said.

Rev. Mwendapole advised all political leaders to emulate the Head of State and begin to use prayer if they were to achieve their political activties.