PF Kasama aspirant pledges development

THE absence of United Party for National Development (UPND) presidential running mate Geoffrey Mwamba in Kasama is a blessing to the peaceful political environment because he is the one that has been brewing confusion in the area, Patriotic Front (PF) parliamentary aspirant Kelvin Sampa has charged.

And Mr. Sampa said he would prioritise women and youth empowerment by facilitating the acquisition of loans available from government’s empowerment programmes and revamping the agriculture sector if he was to be elected as Member of Parliament since the area usually received abundant rainfall and had fertile soils.

He said Mr. Mwamba had been a source of confusion in Kasama as he had a record of organising party cadres to attack his perceived enemies and political opponents, adding that his absence from the area had resulted in a peaceful atmosphere currently prevailing.

He said both the UPND and the PF were campaigning freely in the area because Mr. Mwamba, who was the instigator of violence, was on a campaign trail with his party away from home.

“Kasama is always peaceful in the absence of Mr. Mwamba and so far our campaigns and the campaigns of the UPND are going on very well. There are no scenes of violence that have been witnessed here since he left. So far, the situation is very peaceful.

“My appeal to all political parties here is that we should not engage in violence but be issue-based in our campaign. The use of abusive language on opponents and name-calling is responsible for the violence and should be avoided at all costs. People are interested in knowing what we will do for them when we come into power. Therefore, let us stick to what we will do for them because that is what they want to hear,” Mr. Sampa said.

And Mr. Sampa said he would ensure that the women and youths in Kasama had access to Governmnet empowerment programmes in order to improve their welfare as that was the only way of reducing poverty in the country.

He also said he would lobby for assistance aimed at improving the agriculture sector in the area from both the private sector and Government because Kasama had huge potential of becoming a food basket of the Northern Province due to fertile soils and abundant rainfall the area usually received.