Road development cheers Luangwa chiefs

TRADITIONAL leaders in Luangwa district of Lusaka Province have praised President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front government for the road network that has been built linking the district to other areas in Zambia.

Senior Chief Mboloma of the Nsenga speaking people and Chief Mpuka of the Chikunda speaking people praised President Lungu yesterday when they met to inspect the newly constructed road in the district which had eased travel by residents.

And Chief Mpuka said despite people condemning the road works that have been done in Zambia, his entire chiefdom was now benefiting from the same as opposed to those claiming that people could not eat roads.

The traditional leader said before the road works were done in Luangwa, it used to take him over four hours to travel to the Boma to buy household goods.

“The greatest gift you have given to us is the roads. Although some people are saying we can’t eat roads but we are eating the roads here. We never used to see the Marcopolo buses coming here. It used to take me four to five hours to travel from my palace just to buy food here but now it has reduced considerably,”said Chief Mpuka.

And President Lungu told the traditional leaders that the purpose of his visit to Luangwa district was to get hands-on experience on the challenges the people were facing and to inspect progress of Government-funded development projects.

He said most of the time that Government officials were sent to inspect projects, they wrote good reports which did not represent the actual situation on the ground and that  was why he decided to personally visit the area.

President Lungu expressed happiness at the works done so far.

President Lungu commissioned the Luangwa District Hospital in Feira constituency with the completion of the first and second phase costing over K11.2 million.

He said the construction of the hospital would not only improve the health status of the people but will also greatly contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.