Tarred roads excite Lusaka’s Lilanda residents

THE construction of township roads being undertaken in Lusaka’s Lilanda township has excited residents who have thanked Government for the development.

The residents are happy, saying the new tarred roads will ease mobility and boost development in the capital city.

In an interview with Daily Nation, Grace Chanda said the road works have not been seen for a long time in the area and that the development will see growth in many areas.

“We are happy as residents of Lilanda to see what is happening; this is something not seen in a long time,” she said.

Ms Chanda said the tarring of the township roads is a sign of development being brought closer to the people.

“We have seen the patching of potholes before and not the construction of roads as we are seeing now. Even the patching was done a long time ago. This is a sign of development in the area,’’ she said. Another resident, Zacharia Kunda, said movement of people will now be easier and it will also bring beauty to the township.

‘’Some people could not come here as they feared to risk their vehicles to drive on bad roads. But with this, things will be made simpler,” Mr Kunda said.

And Cynthia Nkata said the roads mean a lot to the people of Lilanda as they had not seen tarmac roads for decades.

She said the contractor was doing a good job, hoping that the roads will be tarred to high standard and construction works will be completed on time.

The project is under Government’s L400 and works were being carried by Avic International.