Cartels frustrating civil servants


This reminder goes to the Permanent Secretary at Cabinet Office. There is need to ensure that confirmation in service is  enhanced and decentralised than for people working  for three or four years  without being confirmed. Does Dr. M’siska know this or he has simply ignored it altogether? Furthermore, what is the status of selling vehicles to those who are entitled? It seems there are many cartels frustrating good government policies. Can the powers that be act now? Let me remind the PS that civil servants are being demoralised to put in a lot.

Concerned Civil Servant


 ECZ should suspend UPND


I would like to appeal to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to consider suspending the UPND from participating from this year’s general elections. Here in Monze, the renowned UPND cadres tore the PF campaign posters on Friday 17th June, 2017 in the morning in full view of the onlookers. These hungry cadres are the ones who stormed Sky FM and beat up Mr Frank Bwalya. In Southern Province, Monze is the hub of violence. When you look around the entire Monze town the only posters on the wall and trees are for the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema. It is sad that these cadres can do such a thing when their campaign posters are everywhere including in Eastern Province where President Edgar Lungu hails from. I appeal to Police to do something about this hooliganism.

Pethias Ngosa, Monze


Violence will lead to voter apathy


I would like to make an earnest appeal to all the political parties participating in this year’s elections to educate their cadres to desist from engaging in acts of political violence. If violence continues being perpetrated by cadres, it will surely lead to voter apathy in many parts of the country. Let us learn to co-exist as one people and vote wisely. May the good Lord be with us before, during and after the election period.

Ted Misaka,Ndola


 Police IG passive


In a story which appeared in the Daily Nation Volume 3 issue 1382, the Inspector General of Zambia Police was quoted to have warned that, “We will meet violence head on”. How many times are we going to hear this from Mr. Kanganja? This tells how weak the IG is. Does it always have to take the President to order the IG? Please, be proactive and save lives of people from the UPND cadres in almost all of its strongholds.

Concerned Resident of Choma



Kapata should stop lying


Former Mandevu lawmaker Jean Kapata should stop lying. She has been an inactive member of parliament in her constituency and she should stop being proud for nothing. She is just jealous of the UPND’s support both at the grassroots level and social media. As Zambians, we all know how violent a party the PF is. If there is one disputing this fact, try to put on a UPND regalia in Lusaka town and see what will happen to you whether these PF cadres will spare you.

BCC, Lusaka